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Chef Mickey

Hi everyone! This is your friend and chef Mickey here in beautiful Mexico City. As you may or may not know, Chef Mickeys Place is closed until August 28th, and right now we are on a much needed vacation, we needed to get out of...

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Hola everyone this is your friend and chef Mickey here in mucho hot and spicy Rocky Point, Mexico. Caramba! It’s getting hot over here! Anyways, let’s get back to your recipe! I’m thinking of something nice,...

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Texas Caviar

Hi there everyone, this is your friend and chef Mickey here once again with a wonderful recipe for all of you to enjoy. Here it is! Texas Caviar These three variations on Texas caviar (highly seasoned, pickled black-eyed peas)...

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Coconut Rum Flan

Hello, this is your friend, and chef, Mickey here in beautiful sunny Rocky Point, Arizona. Oopps, I mean Rocky Point, Mexico!! This months recipe is going out to our wonderful friends at beautiful Las Palmas Resort. They love...

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Chef Mickey Recipe

Hola Rocky Point Times readers, this is your friend and chef Mickey. Our new Chef Mickey’s Place is now open and we hope our new location will be more convenient for everyone…as it is for us! This month’s recipe will...

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Chef Mickey Recipe 0112

Hi there everyone, this is your friend and chef, Mickey, with another recipe and a good one if I may say so! This month we will offer a great Puerto Rican recipe…Pollo Con Arroz (chicken with rice). I promise you will enjoy this...

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