Nov 1, 2019 by Rosarie Salerno

(Soldiers Of Christ) At the end of Mexican Revolution (1910-1917) the new Constitution of Mexico was drafted and approved in February...

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The Olmec Culture of Mexico

Jun 29, 2017 by Rosarie Salerno

The Mayan civilization was considered to be the parent culture from which all other Mesoamerica societies evolved. But, the Olmec...

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Statutory Holidays in Mexico

Apr 10, 2017 by Rosarie Salerno

Mexico has three classifications of holidays: statutory, civic and festivities. This article will review statutory holidays known as...

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General José María Morelos

Oct 6, 2016 by Rosarie Salerno

José Maria Morelos (September 30, 1765 – December 22, 1815) was born in Mexico. He grew up in a lower-class family. His racial...

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Miguel Hidalgo Leader of The M...

Sep 6, 2016 by Rosarie Salerno

Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was born May 8th 1753 to a well-respected Criollo family (pure-Spanish, born in the Americas). As a...

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

Aug 8, 2016 by Rosarie Salerno

High fructose corn syrup, HFCS, may sound harmless; sugar from corn syrup, what could be bad about that? Besides, the FDA has...

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