Important – Boaters In The Rocky Point Area

Mar 1, 2012 by Contests & Events

If you have a boat in the Rocky Point area, please read:
Cholla Bay Sportsmen’s Club (CBSC) funds the purchase of radio equipment and supports the maintenance and operation of the Marine VHF radio Channel 28 (prior Channel 26) for the Northern Sea of Cortez. Channel 28 has a repeater, which enables boaters to reach shore while a long way out in the sea. Currently, Rosario Villa monitors the radio, assists boaters in various ways and assists in search and rescue operations. CBSC conducts an annual fishing derby, publishes a newsletter called the Cholla Chatter, and promotes good relations between American visitors and our Mexican neighbors. All members receive the Cholla Chatter. The fish fry is at the end of the tournament and free to anyone. (However, we do accept donations). CBSC also has other sports activities annually such as an annual horseshoe tournament in the spring and an annual golf tournament. Membership dues are $40 per year. We would love to have the support of boaters who launch in Rocky Point, as well as those who launch in Cholla Bay to help us continue this worthy operation. We are now in our 57th year of operation. Below is a membership form. If you would like to join, please complete the form and mail it to the address of our membership chairperson. (see form for name and address).

Membership dues and other activities of the CHOLLA BAY SPORTSMEN’S CLUB funded the purchase of radio equipment and continue to support the operation and maintenance of Marine VHF Radio (Channel 28) for the Northern Sea of Cortez. The CBSC pays the salary of the Cholla Bay Radio Operator, assists in search and rescue operations, and when necessary can assist with some arrangements for the emergency transportation of critically ill or injured. The CBSC conducts an annual Fishing Derby, hosts numerous events, publishes the “CHOLLA CHATTER” Newsletter, and promotes good relations between American visitors and our Mexican neighbors.
Name:____________________________________ Spouse:_______________________________
Address: (US or PO Box Only) ________________________________________________________
City: _________________ State:___________________ Zip:_______________ Phone: __________
Email address: ______________________________________ Children under 18:_______________
Cabin number/address:_______________________________ Local phone: ____________________
Please make your check out to CBSC and mail to: CBSC – c/o Laura McIntyre • 7174 W. Rivulet Drive•Tucson, AZ 85743

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