As many people who live in Mexico know, the traditional Posadas are celebrated during the nine days before Christmas, and even tho we are now in February of 2014 I had to write up a small article to tell everyone that I had the chance to celebrate the Christmas 2013 Posada at the Sonoran Sky Resort, one of the beach front resorts with one of the best and amazing views in Rocky Point. I would not think twice about writing about the fun experience. My boyfriend Marco works as a security guard for the Sonoran Sky Resort, so I was also invited to attend the long waited Posada along with other workers and their wives, girlfriends, friend and/or family members.

As soon as we arrived and entered the events salon, we noticed that everything was nicely decorated. The tables were nicely set and decorated with golden colors, the banda was playing and the dance floor was already set so everyone grabbed a partner and started dancing right away. Even some of the condo owners joined the fun and danced all night long. Lots of dancing, lots of food, tamales, frijoles puercos, sopa fria and cake! Lots of cerveza and liquor, there was lots to choose from for everyone and even soda for the ones that don’t drink alcohol. We all know that food is everyone’s favorite part of the Posadas, and everything was delicious.

Ing. Fernando Anaya Millan Director of the Sonorans Resorts thanked and congratulated everyone including the employees at the maintenance department, maids, and security guards for an excellent hard working year and for keeping the Sonoran Sky looking good, clean and safe all year long. He also reminded them how that makes national and international tourists come back stay and enjoy such a beautiful place. Also hosting the Posada was Lic. Marcos Marmolejo the administrator at the Sonoran Sky, he was happy everyone enjoyed their night and had a good time with family and friends and, he also enjoyed sharing the night with employees and friends. Just like every year there was a raffle for gifts, most of the employees received a nice Christmas gift, everyone that was lucky enough to win a gift in the raffle was very happy. It was a fun night, filled with nice people, lots of food, lots of dancing and laughing and joking around, everyone was really happy, had a great time and will be looking forward to next year’s Christmas Posada!