By all accounts, tourism activity during the Spring Break and Semana Santa season this year was a big success. The Convention and Visitors Bureau reported that hotel & rental occupancy was up 25% over last year’s Spring Break season. The total economic impact to Puerto Peñasco is calculated at 66 million pesos (4.5 million dollars). In addition to the tourism activity, significant progress has been made in the paving of some of the busiest streets in town. These positive results should boost the year end prospects for Rocky Point, both from an economic perspective as well as its citizenry.

Residential real estate activity for the first 3 months of 2015 also had some positive results. Below is a comparison of the 1st quarter 2015 vs 1st quarter 2014:

2015 2014

Number of sold properties: 35 34

Number of pending sales: 48 37

Properties for sale in MLS: 614 589

Median sale price: 160,000 164,369

While the above statistics reflect little change, it is the activity for the month of March that is significantly positive:

Mar 2015 Mar 2014

Number of sold properties: 18 10

Number of pending sales: 23 19

Properties for sale in MLS: 503 479

Median sale price: 171,250 160,000

Anecdotal evidence appears to be very favorable for activity in April as I write this piece. Spring is traditionally the best season for real estate sales in Peñasco. Therefore, our AMPI members are busy and are hopeful for very good results for the year end 2015.

While the dream of a house near a beach has always had its allure, Mexico as a retirement option for people in the USA and Canada makes more sense all the time. The dollar exchange is extremely strong versus the peso and the experts predict it will remain so for the balance of 2015. If owning property in, or moving to, Mexico is possibly in your future, you can move forward with confidence in real estate practices and professionalism. You can find a Sonora licensed AMPI real estate agent in Puerto Peñasco / Rocky Point to help with your real estate needs at

If you have questions about the information presented here please feel free to contact me. In addition, if you have questions about our market and desire to seek more detailed information please contact a licensed professional from our AMPI organization.

Richard Savino is the Designated Broker for Realty Executives Rocky Point and is a Past President of the Puerto Peñasco chapter of AMPI. He can be reached at or 480 707-3822 US.