Love is in the air. Nothing adds to the flames of a romantic novel or the heart pull of a chick flick, more than a sexy scene at the beach. Perhaps it’s something about the thunder of the surf or the way, as each wave rolls in, it erases away the marks of the sand before it—it’s like starting with a clean slate. Romance can be like that. One day you’re going through your daily routine of life and then spontaneously you and yours are swept away for a rendezvous weekend at the beach.

Sounds romantic doesn’t it? Sure it does, who doesn’t like the idea of rolling around in the sand. Surprise your loved one this Valentine season with a weekend at the beach. Get away to the water’s edge and feel the romance of Rocky Point all around you. The trick is you have to take the time to plan it.

Need some romance ideas?

1. First, rent a place to stay at the beach. Rocky Point has many choices with a variety of different types of lodging from hotels, Condo’s and houses. On a budget? History is full of romance, and for those who like to reminisce in the days gone by there are some historical options. Al Capone’s old hangout is one place that won’t break the bank. Try a romantic night in Old Port at Posada La Roca, Al Capone’s old hiding place. It has extremely reasonable rates and the history and charm of a time gone by. ( Looking for a place a little fancier? Rent one of the numerous condos that have a hot tub. Marina Pinacate has several villas and condos with private hot tubs. ( Numerous Sandy Beach condo’s offer a hot spa jacuzzi by the swimming pool. You can also ask the management company to set up a special surprise–for a little extra cost the rental agency might display a trail of rose petals and a bottle of wine.

2. Handmade love note- Get out the construction paper, trace some paper hearts, add some lace and make a homemade valentines card for the one you love. No text, no email, something made from the heart that you can hold and cherish forever. If you don’t have a creative crayon in your hand, then go buy a card, place it somewhere your loved one will find it and let them find an invitation when you’re not there. The element of surprise does add to the romantic vibe and lets someone know you care.

3. Make a romantic play list for your lover. Bring it down to the beach, play it in the hotel room or even in the car on the road trip down. Name it lover’s music or label it Valentine’s Day 2015 for the one I love. The playlist/CD will be a permanent reminder of your thoughtfulness and available for years to come.

4. Start a new Valentine’s Day tradition– even if you been with your lover for ten years– start something special to mark Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s cooking a meal, baking special desserts, a beach weekend or a special massage. An annual trip to Rocky Point on Cupid’s Day would be a good way to start the tradition.

5. Have a plan, know what you’re going to do. Make dinner reservations and don’t tell them where you are taking them–get out a blindfold. If you’re going to cook at home, buy the groceries, prepare the food, dim the lights and light the candles, play the music and make it a special surprise. Know your time parameters and have it all planned. Remember, the gesture of planning something means you care.

6. Create a romantic picnic- Grab a Mexican blanket, a few items to munch on, something to drink and have a beach picnic. (Hint: foods you can feed each other add to the sexy atmosphere.) There are plenty of places in Rocky Point where the beach is not very crowded, actually even somewhat secluded. Take your music playlist, lay down your Mexican blanket, throw caution to the wind and sit back and look at the gorgeous romantic Sea of Cortez. Why not try it? Can you remember the last time you went on a romantic picnic at the beach? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try it.

7. Wrap yourself up in something red or pink. I’m speaking to both men and women—It doesn’t matter red sheets, red coat, red scarf –you get the picture. (Keeping it G rated for the article) All you need is love and to wear something red or pink and nothing else.

Valentine’ Weekend is a great occasion to celebrate the one you love. It truly is amazing that we have been celebrating this love day dating back to the 18th century. In countries all over planet earth, we choose one day to celebrate love!! How special is that?

Pretty amazing, because beneath it all there is love…Let’s observe it! Let’s add some romance in Rocky Point! It may be contagious…

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller –

There is only one happiness in life—to love and be loved.

George Sands