If you don’t think there’s love in the air at the sea, then maybe you need to up your romance game.

Movies are made about it, books are written about it, love at the beach, the sea, the ocean makes for swoon worthy moments.

This month Cupid will be flying around pointing his arrow at your heart and the ones that you love. Cupid loves a little help so, if you’re reading this and you haven’t thought of any special romantic surprises, here’s a cheat sheet, to help make your sweetheart happy and feel your love.

1. Take a picture of the two of you at the sea, selfies count! After you take the picture present your sweetheart immediately with a wrapped gift; a frame that you purchased in Rocky Point, they have awesome ones at the Mermaid Market, Malecón and Rodeo Drive. Write a sweet note and place inside the frame, need an idea? “I’ll always remember the special moment we just witnessed. Your effort that went into the planning, will warm their heart.

2. Surprise your sweetheart with a boat ride. We have a wide variety of options in Rocky Point,  from the Intrepid, EcoFun, Perla Negra Sunset Cruise, Del Mar Charters, Santiago’s Ocean Services, Señorita Rita and if you really wanna give a special present, check out Tony’s Mystic Whale Tours a bucket list adventure that includes a little plane ride from Peñasco to Baja, a boat ride and an up close and personal experience with the grey whales.

3. Sunset love – This is an easy one and it does not cost a thing, just a little planning. Grab a blanket, something to drink and take your loved one to the beach to watch the sunset. Sunset is at 6:20 pm on February 14th. Be creative, are so many special places to relax on a blanket with your loved one. Hold their hand and watch the sky turn crazy colors. In a town that is home to “the world’s most beautiful sea sunsets”, this is romantic. Have a special song ready and play on your phone, hold hands and watch the sun drop into the water.

4. Cook a love meal. Whether you are a good cook or not, you can invite your sweetheart over for a special love meal. What is a love meal, well it’s obviously something that they like to eat either prepared by you or you find one of the many people that cater in Rocky Point and buy the food ahead of time or have it delivered. Add in a candle some romantico music and you have yourself a love meal, whatever happens next is up to you.

5. Plan a getaway. Personally, if you ask me what I want for Valentine’s Day, I would take a weekend getaway every year. The thought of planning something for the two of you, even if it’s a future one night in a beautiful Airbnb in Rocky Point is precious. Write it down on a card and hand it to your lover on Valentine’s Day, it is a perfect present.

6. Make a romantic playlist. There are so many free apps out there that you can make a playlist. Think of songs that describe your partner, name it after them and make a playlist on Spotify. You can get a lot of traction with this, and you can play it all night, they’ll be surprised by every song that comes on that has a sweet message. Make sure to pick songs or a music genre they like. You got this one, its like the old mixed tapes or cd’s…and it means so much and is free.

7. Have a movie night with romantic films. Top of my list, you can’t go wrong with: The Notebook, The Big Sick, The Princess Bride, Dirty Dancing, and Titanic.

8. Start a new Valentine’s Day tradition even if you’ve been with your sweetheart for five years – create a special something, a new tradition to mark Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s cooking a special meal, baking a favorite dessert, or a special massage, create something you can do every year. Maybe it’s coming to Rocky Point every Valentine’s Day, now that’s a fantastic tradition.

9. Give the gift of a massage, pedicure and manicure, or even a facial. Or splurge and give them a spa day for Valentine’s Day. There are so many wonderful spas in town. Check out the Rocky Point Times for Valentine’s Day massage specials, this is a gift certificate they will love.

10. The best idea I can give you is to have a plan. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but, do something special. Even if it’s putting a blindfold on them, and taking them out to the sunset, or whisking them to one of their favorite places to eat, surprise them. Make a card out of a construction paper or a handwritten love letter on paper and it will warm their heart.

Here’s a few ideas of what to write to start or end your letter, if you can’t come up with your own:

“But when I’m with you I feel like a dreamer that’s had all his dreams come true.”- Chris Stapleton “When I’m With You”

“Some people are worth melting for.” Olaf, Frozen

“I look at every day with you as a gift” – Rip Wheeler, Yellowstone

“All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.” Ed Sheeran

And of course, that best one, “I Love You”

Rocky Point is for Lovers, you got this, go spread some love.

Kissing couple sits before a fireplace on the beach