Healthy eating can make you ill
Overweight, stomach and bowel problems, migraine, concentration problems due to delayed food allergies?

Are you familiar with these complaints?
Continual stomach and bowel problems (flatulence, constipation, irritable bowel) or headaches and skin problems over many years (itchiness, neurodermatitis, psoriasis), chronic tiredness and obesity?
The cause of many of these chronic complaints has not yet been clarified. The treatments largely revolve around the treatment of the symptoms. Unfortunately, the causes have not been tackled. Treatment lasting several years can be necessary – and some forms of therapy invariably involve unpleasant side effects. Or the cause may remain unclear in spite of a range of examinations and the complaints continue.

Important for you to know:
Chronic discomforts can be triggered by delayed food allergies.

The decisive question is:
What is the cause of the discomforts and what triggers them? Only when this question has been answered is it possible to successfully fight the complaints. Today we know that many chronic pains can be caused by inflammation reactions. Food products can also cause these inflammations – when certain antibodies are created. These antibodies can be uncovered with blood tests. This means you gain a picture of which foods can cause what complaints. Many people are thought to suffer from a so-called delayed food allergy without knowing it. The complaints are often wide ranging and only occur several hours or even days after the consumption of the relevant food product. For this reason it can be helpful to look for these foods with a blood test and to make them, ‘visible‘ in this way.

What can you do?
With sophisticated individual analyses, the ImuPro300 blood test identifies IgG antibodies against 270 different foods and determines as to whether they are present in high or low amounts. You are then provided an individual dietary recommendation on the basis of your personal test results: You find out the foods you should avoid eating for a certain time and you also get a personal recipe book with suggestions for tasty meals that you can enjoy as an alternative.

The advantages of ImuPro300:
• Identification of causes instead of treating symptoms for several years
• Rapid result and individual documents after approx. 30 days
• Detailed evaluation of approx. 270 foods, colorings and preservatives
• Analysis with utmost laboratory quality
• Patient handbook with background information
• Individual diagnostic findings file
• Individual recipe book with approx. 100 specific recipes
• Professional telephone-based nutritional counseling

When should you consider using ImuPro300?
• Flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome
• Large fluctuations in weight from day to day, overweight, obesity
• Headaches, migraine
• AD (H)D
• Inflammatory skin diseases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne)
• Joint pains
• Frequent tiredness after meals
• Intolerance to certain foods
• Fasting leads to the receding of the complaints

Ask your Sidhartha Hindu M.D about ImuPro300. They will provide non-binding advice as to whether ImuPro300 could provide you with a form of treatment that promises success.

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