One thing that makes Rocky Point so excellent is there are so many choices. As much as I enjoy tacos, shrimp, and Sonoran-style hot dogs, trying something different is always a kick. For example, my long-time fishing pal, Louie, has opened El Greco’s Gyros, located under the Sunset Cantina, across from the Peñasco del Sol Hotel.

CAP’N GREG: I never thought I’d see a Greek restaurant in Peñasco.

LOUIE: I never thought I’d see a Sam’s Club here, either.

CAP’N GREG: Good point. Tell me, how do you pronounce “gyro”?

LOUIE: It depends where you’re from. In Greece, we pronounce it YEE-ro. In Mexico, some say GEE-ro, others say HEE-ro. In the U.S., there are those who insist it’s WHY-ro, and others say JY-ro. The important thing is, gyros taste great in any language.

CAP’N GREG: What’s a gyro made of?

LOUIE: It’s basically seasoned meat, onions, tomato and sauce, wrapped in bread.

CAP’N GREG: Sounds like a taco with a twist.

LOUIE: It is. If you like tacos, you’ll love gyros.

CAP’N GREG: You probably get this a lot, but where does your meat come from?

LOUIE: I use all top quality beef, a beef and lamb combination, and chicken.

CAP’N GREG: If someone is not familiar with Greek food, what should they try?

LOUIE: The gyro plate is a big serving, has all the flavors. Comes with fries and a drink.

CAP’N GREG: What else you got?

LOUIE: Besides charm and good looks?

CAP’N GREG: I’ll handle the comedy. You cook the food.

LOUIE: Sorry. My chicken kabobs are very popular, as well as the Greek salad and appetizers like olives and feta cheese. Even baklava for dessert.

CAP’N GREG: That sounds mighty tasty. How did you decide Rocky Point needed a Greek place?

LOUIE: When I was in Greece last year, one of the most popular new restaurants was serving Mexican tacos and burritos, so I figured, why not bring the taste of Greece to Mexico?



CAP’N GREG: Let the feast begin.