Hello, to all my friends, supporters & Rocky Point Family. We have started our Peñasco Troop meetings back up and find that we need to get our Scouts shirts again. I need to get 80 shirts made with our logo and what I can collect in donations will go toward new shirts and stock for new kids. So, any donations will be a blessing.

I am also asking for donations of used or new sleeping bags and camping tents that sleep 4 to 6 people. Please help if you can. Kids do not pay any dues and we want all kids to be able to join us in a positive learning experience and just plain ole fun. So, if you can help us get rolling again, I thank you so much!

If you would like to donate cash, you can call me while you’re in town at (638) 114-2406 or call my VOIP U.S. number (602) 324-9529. If I am out, please leave a message so I can get back with you. Feel free to email me at rpbarbo@gmail.com. If you would like to donate through Paypal, the above email address is also my account. Any donations can also be dropped off at the Rocky Point Times office and we will pick them up there too. We look forward to showing you some happy kids in the near future – stay tuned to the RPTimes for photos and information and thanks so much for your generosity.