Autumn in Rocky Point

October is not only one of my two favorite months in Puerto Peñasco, but also the month where we begin to put the difficulties of extreme heat and humidity behind us. The smell of sugar skulls hangs in the air as pending holidays draw close. The city takes on an aura of excitement, and with that arrives not only first-time visitors but many of our yearly winter friends from the States. Nowhere are either more warmly welcomed than at Barb’s Dog Rescue.

The huge yellow and red Barb’s billboard greets all as we enter or leave Rocky Point. It is a constant reminder that someone is looking out for the many hungry, hurt, and homeless dogs in this part of Mexico. That someone is Barbara Mumaugh, the well-known savior and caregiver to thousands of these needy animals for over 20 years. Her Rescue is a U.S. 501c3 non-profit and, as such, all donations are fully tax deductible.

So Many Dogs Waiting for Forever Homes

At any given time, there are as many as 350 dogs cared for at Barb’s. Right now, that number continues to swell as litter after litter of puppies arrive and mature to the age where adoption is possible. Each of those puppies receive all vaccinations, worming, and spay or neutering. In addition, Barb provides all the necessary paperwork to easily cross the border into the U.S. If you bought or adopted a puppy in the U.S., you would expect to pay several hundred dollars for these services. At Barb’s there is no established charge, but any donation you can make is much needed and gratefully accepted.

How Can You Help?

Imagine the food, supplies, and medicine it takes to care for these precious animals. Things greatly needed right now are bags of adult or puppy Purina dry dog food, high quality canned food (chicken or turkey), dog treats, puppy pads (available at Sam’s in town), Bounty Paper Towels, and Arcoiris or Tide detergent. Cash donations go far, as Barb is given a discount at area stores because of the incredibly large amount of these items she must purchase. New or gently used towels, blankets, dog sweaters, toys and bedding are also needed. When you drop these donations off, if it is between 10am and 2pm each day, plan to stay a while and play with the puppies or dogs. They love the attention, and with your help each learns to be a loving pet. If you are ready to add a canine friend to your family, there is no better place than Barb’s Dog Rescue to look.


As always, Barb’s thanks you and all our supporters for their donations of food, time and money. Without your generous support, we could not provide the love, care, and shelter to the abandoned dogs of Rocky Point.

Please visit us online at our website:  www.BarbsDogRescue.orgor Barb’s Mexico cell: (638) 114-1659    or U.S. cell: (602) 774-1578Email: