Have you ever considered becoming an expat? Some people may ask what exactly is an “Expat”?  Expat is a shortened slang that comes from the word “expatriate” – which basically means living outside your native country.

Has the idea of living abroad, ever crossed your mind on a vacation? There you are lounging on a beach chair, in a beautiful island destination, or perhaps on a boat on the Sea of Cortez, watching the world’s best sea sunset-and you think to yourself… ‘yes, I could wake up every day to this’. What would life be like?

There are many reasons to decide to live outside your native country. In college, I had the opportunity to study abroad, and live six months in London, England: An expat for six months and I loved every minute of it. This is my third time to be an expat, second time in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. When I left, I knew in my heart, if I had the chance to return, I would. But why? Why do people decide to live outside their native country? Why do people pick up roots, cross a border and began again? What benefits are to be gained?

One of the benefits that came from the pandemic, is the increased ability to work remotely. Statistics show that over 60% of computer-based jobs have continued allowing their employees to work from home. This makes a big change for the life of an expat. Couple that with fiber optic now being available in Puerto Peñasco, and you have the perfect scenario to live and work in your favorite beach playground.

If I conducted a survey of all the expats throughout the town, I am certain, I would get very different answers. So, I did a small sample survey, of about 20 people, asking a few of my friends and neighbors, why they decide to live in Rocky Point. I’m not surprised how many have similar reasons for moving here. Here is a general list of 21 reasons why people would become an expat in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.

  1. To live by the beautiful Sea of Cortez- the world’s aquarium is hard to beat
  2. Beach life, lifestyle of beach living, walking the beach, playing on the beach
  3. The people, awesome friends & Mexican locals. Community❤️
  4. Cost of living – Affordability
  5. Less traffic, no rush hour
  6. Weather – especially October to June
  7. Organic food, fresh produce
  8. Easy access to the United States- only a 3.5-hour drive to Phoenix/ Tucson
  9. Boating – where else can you have all the room you need on the sea
  10. Outdoor & Water sports – fishing, jet skis, kayak, paddle board, scuba, snorkel, floating
  11. Mexican kindness
  12. Low crime
  13. Change of environment
  14. Better air quality
  15. Lower elevation
  16. Inexpensive medical and dental
  17. No guns
  18. Spanish speaking country
  19. The shrimp, delicious fish, and variety of seafood
  20. Golf, great courses, great prices
  21. Fishing, fishing, fishing

There are certainly many more reasons to be an expat, the list goes on. However, a few quotes that were filled with conviction and adoration of their home away from home, from several expats who have lived here for a long time are worth sharing,

“The graciousness and spirit of the Mexican people and the diversity of people, culture, cuisine & lifestyle.” Larry Lee

“Absolutely love Mexico and the Mexican people – I fell in love with Mexico the first time I visited when I was 14 years old. Reminds me of home, people I grew up with, and with the skyrocketing prices in the US if you’re on Social Security, you can’t afford to live in the US.”

Vic Vaz

“I wanted to get away from six months of rain at home in Canada, and I wanted to live in a Spanish-speaking country. Mexico has a very similar culture to my Ukraine culture – come to a Ukrainian home they will feed you, go to a Mexican home, same thing.” Don Yewchin

If you’ve ever thought about it a lifestyle outside your native country, consider asking advice from others who live here. Do your research and understand all the pros and cons. The best thing about living in another country, is that a smile is always the same and good people are here to help you, wherever you wander.

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from. – Seth Godin