10 reasons to have a Beach Holiday in Rocky Point

Do you want to put your toes in the sand for Christmas? Come on down, we got sand, and a lot more. Let’s face it, if you live in the United States, you’ve heard about the post pandemic airline flight delays and staff shortages. Travel experts estimate this holiday season is set to break the records for travel. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend any part of my holiday stuck in an airport with a delayed or canceled flight. With that in mind why not think about a beach vacation that you can drive to. How about the one that’s four hours down the road and doesn’t require you to buy all the kid’s airline tickets, plus there’s room for grandma and even the dog. Just pack them in your car and drive on down to the magnificent Sea of Cortez.

Another plus? You don’t have to worry about getting to the airport two hours early, and the strong possibility of a delayed flight. You don’t even have to worry about paying for bags, or racking up the bill on expensive airport food, an Uber or airport parking. No, you simply need to fill the car with gas, pack your bags and holiday present.

Christmas and New Year’s is a perfect time to take a vacation on a mesmerizing sea with a Sandy Beach. But what’s not perfect is the price of airlines and hotels during the holiday season. I mean let’s face it the airlines know that people have time off, that people wanna spend time with their family, and so they increase all the prices. Well, now you have a solution if you live in driving distance of Puerto Peñasco. You don’t even have to settle for overpriced sterile hotel rooms, you can rent a house on Airbnb, or a one bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom luxurious condo with a full kitchen, washer dryer, heated pool and yes, even room service or delivery. The whole family can come down for the sea and the sand because there’s room for everyone at a fraction of the price.

Need some more reasons to plan some holiday time down at the beach in Rocky Point?

Let me count the ways. How about 10 more.

  1. Sunshine = Vitamin D – a well needed Vitamin. You could justify that you are taking this holiday vacay for your health. I believe salt water heals everything, if you’re not a believer just come down grab a blanket, a good book and sit out in the sunshine for a couple hours. I’ll check back with you; you can tell me if you feel healthier and more energized. With all the compromised immune systems in 2021, we can’t get enough of vitamin D, so put on the sunscreen, and bask in the beautiful December temps.
  2. Relaxation- Step away from the Zoom calls, the keyboards and school homework. Try a favorite Rocky Point pastime, “The Siesta” and dig into relaxation. My favorite relaxing activity is a nap listening to the waves. And if you’re the one that’s typically the cook, the housekeeper, and the chauffeur you can get some relaxation. Pick up the local food or have it delivered, heck you can even call someone to bring the food to your house or condo and cook it for you.
  3. Outdoor activity – wondering what you can do outside in December? Here’s a few suggestions: kayaking, beach walk, shell collecting, swimming, volleyball, corn hole, boating, fishing, parasailing, paddleboarding, golfing and zip line.
  4. Family Fun- What’s more relaxing then spending some family time by the sea? Take a ride on a pirate ship or get on a boat tour to Bird Island and see the sea lions. Memories are made here.
  5. Photo ops- as much as I love the snowy Christmas photos from my childhood in Pennsylvania (they were cold), there is something to be said about posting pictures of your friends and family opening presents on beach towels on the sand. Better yet, grab some Santa hats from the dollar store, stick a little Christmas tree with battery operated lights in the sand, and take some cool family pics with the waves crashing in behind you.
  6. Holiday meals- How about a seafood Christmas? A large platter of steamed shrimp at a fraction of the price in the USA, and fresh fish make a tasty holiday dinner. Fresh veggies, visit a fruteria.
  7. Christmas Caroling in the sand. Thinking you’ll miss the Christmas caroling walking around from door-to-door in the cold singing some classic Holiday songs? Start a new tradition with the fam, play some favorite holiday tunes on your phone and start singing carols as you walk up and down the beach. You are sure to make people smile and feel the holiday spirit. A cool app to try for free is Christmas Carols app with lyrics to use as you sing along.
  8. Holiday Deals- Many of the big resorts and hotels are offering holiday discounts and specials. Google Puerto Peñasco Holiday specials and find a deal for the entire family.
  9. Christmas Shopping- if you like to shop during the holiday, we have shopping for you. There are great shopping areas down in Old Port with a variety of handmade items, gifts, clothing items as well as unique shops on Rodeo Drive. The amazing Mermaid Market with booths and tables of local artisans, live music and food is held at the Shrimp Plaza on the 1st and third Saturday of December.
  10. Last minute spontaneity- yes if you’re reading this now, and it’s already December that’s OK, you don’t need to worry about getting the airline tickets ahead of time or running the car just called down find a hotel room and make a spontaneous holiday beach vacation.

I wrote Santa a letter.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is blue water, soft sand, and warm weather.

Santa answered.

OK your present is waiting for you in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.

Love Santa

Are you dreaming of a beach Christmas?

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

See you at the beach.