Oh, the places you’ll go in Rocky Point. Yes, Dr. Seuss, there are so many unique beach experiences and private retreats in our seaside town. Different sizes, shapes, and views, that can fit perfectly for you and your family or friends. Puerto Peñasco has always been a seaside town with awesome places to stay offering fun mom and pop hotels, plenty of beautiful condos and homes available for rent. But, now with a plethora of vacation management companies, Airbnb, and VRBO there are thousands, yes thousands of places to stay when visiting Rocky Point. What’s your preference? Because with so many choices, you can choose exactly what fits your size of group and budget.

Maybe you are hoping for a beach house front and center on the outstanding Sea of Cortez, or a private oasis hidden in town. Maybe you want to bring your pet with you and need a dog friendly rental. Camping? Maybe you want to rent a motorhome. Perhaps you’re wishing for a spa like vacation where you’ll be pampered with massages, a private gym and even have a yoga instructor, it’s all available, Puerto Peñasco is no longer just your typical destinations of hotel rooms, condos and house rentals.

Recently, I’ve perused many unique places up front and personal. Building a house in Rocky Point provided intermittent time when the house wasn’t completed, so I scrolled through pages and pages of short-term stays. Yes, there are many to choose from in a wide variety of areas. Rocky Point is no longer just for weekend fun, now you can affordably and easily plan for a week, ten days, or even monthly rentals. Monthly rentals are becoming more popular as work from home is increasingly common. Come down, unpack stay for a while and then go back and forth for the month, it’s a great sampling of what it would be to live like a Rocky Point local. Additionally, most places will make a special deal for a month rental.

One awesome cluster of modern private homes I discovered which is on both Airbnb and a direct website, rentdirectandsave.com offers six homes each with their own private pool, swim up pool bar, grill and backyard, but with the added smart idea of a retractable wall that could expand one backyard into the another. Such a cool way to have a family reunion, wedding party, class reunion or holiday with the entire crew, and yet each with their own house, private pool and an expandable back yard. Love it! Rent the whole cluster and you have room for 30.

As the town spreads its wings, there are numerous choices of areas to choose from. Out west there are master planned communities such as Laguna Shores Resort, where you can rent houses, condos and have all the amenities needed for family fun with a great restaurant, pool bar, gym, games area, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Have you ever wanted to stay on an island? Well, now you can at Islas Del Mar’s Isla Conchilla (Island of the Shells), where you have the 160 acres of navigable lagoon on one side for kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, and 1.5 miles of beach on the other side. Both sides of the island offer large modern luxury homes with swimming pools, docks, and gorgeous sunsets. Eagle Village which is now delivering 31 waterfront luxury townhouses will soon be ready for rentals. A golfer’s paradise with a world-class golf course. Rent a lagoon facing townhouse, or a cool beach house, right on the sandy beachfront with its own private pool on Airbnb.

In town there are many new developments with security parking and private little houses just set up for Airbnb and visitors. Travel further east and you have the Mirador area with houses and condos available to rent. If you want to stay close to the party, Manny’s Beach Bar has modern rooms onsite, you can stay right in the action, swim in the pool or the beach and easily stumble back to your room.

Go East to Las Conchas and check out the variety of beachfront homes. If that’s not in your budget there are some beautiful newly remodeled units at Corona Del Sol offering two outstanding swimming pools, a gym and just a stroll across the road to the beach. Continue east and there are plenty of beachfront communities all the way to the Mayan Palace. Encantame Towers now has rentals in their newly delivered towers.

Plan a few trips and rent a stay in all the different areas. The variety is endless. Each area of the town offers different restaurants, cantinas, and local shopping. Find your sweet spot.

Oh, the places you can stay!

Here’s a very short list of just a few unique rentals. Airbnb does not have a way to search for a specific listing, but you can search by map, then look for the name. Remember there are thousands more!


Las Conchas

Go to Groupogalvez5 (GG Rentals) Instagram/Facebook- newly remodeled modern Corona Del Sol several units on the same floor. Gym, two pools and 5-minute walk to beach.

Search for Gray Storm Gathering and Retreat House- private gym and yoga sessions available. Affordably priced.

Laguna Shores Resort

Search by map on Airbnb plenty of houses with pools, waterfront condos.

Islas Del Mar Island Stay

Private beachfront houses many with private pools. Search for the huge villa on the beach (think Bachelor in Paradise} called Villa Algeria perfect for large groups and special occasions. Private enough for the biggest celebrity.

rentdirectsndsave.com private homes in the Mirador each with their own pool, plus retractable wall. Right in the heart of all the fun.