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Christmas in the Barrios with the Santa Claus Club

Christmas in the barrios was held on Dec. 22, 2014. We passed out cookies, toys and diapers to 1600+ children. This was the culmination of another record breaking year. In 2013 we broke all the records that have been kept for 31 years. 2013 supplies delivered: pounds of food 58,760*, bicycles 516*, pounds of clothes 45,940*, family food boxes 1,369* and children with school supplies and toys 6,737*.

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Children’s Christmas Party

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your continued support of the Children’s Christmas Party. This year will be our 32nd Christmas providing for those less fortunate than ourselves. We have gone to a year round format with deliveries into the barrios almost every weekend. Deliveries vary week to week depending on what arrives in Rocky Point. Bikes are taken into the barrios almost every weekend.

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