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The Third Spice

Besides pepper and cloves there was a third spice that helped usher in the discovery of the Americas and an alternate route to the East that previously had only been accessible by a long overland journey on the Silk Road;...

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Therapeutic Waters

Geothermal water is created through the action of the internal heat of the earth. These pools of water are known as Mineral and/or Hot Springs. Their temperatures differ from spring to spring; from tepid to very hot. Geothermal...

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The Yaqui Indians

According to the oral tradition of the Yaqui Indians the Creator gave life to the animals of the ocean. Some of these sea creatures emerged onto the land and were called the Surem. The Surem were of short stature. They were a...

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Crossing The Border
Products which are prohibited to pass (Productos que están prohibidos pasar):

Animals, Plants, and Products Permitted at Touristic Level

Guidelines on animals, plants, and products that may enter Mexico