Those who attended Mass at St. Joseph’s/San José mission church in La Cholla prior to 2018 will remember Padre Marco Lopez who, after Mass, would gather us into a big huddle and encourage us, in song, to invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts and lives.

When he was reassigned to Mexicali, he and his energy were missed; but we know that priests are regularly shifted, giving us opportunities to experience the faith in new ways.

In Rocky Point, there are multiple rectories that oversee mission chapels. From the beginning, St. Joseph’s has been directly under Our Lady of Guadalupe parish – until now. The bishop recently assigned Padre Marco to lead the Holy Family Church, which is much closer to Cholla than Guadalupe, and to guide St. Joseph’s mission church in its growth and service.

St. Joseph’s, along with all churches in Puerto Peñasco, are under the umbrella of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish with multiple rectories to share the operational duties.

Bob Keller, sexton for St. Joseph’s said, “The priests and team of lay ministers who have served St. Joseph’s for nearly seven years have become like family and we will never lose touch with them. We are excited to welcome Padre Marco as our priest and eager to see how our mission church can help him revitalize Holy Family Church.”

At this writing, we expect our bilingual Mass to continue to be offered at 8 a.m. on Sundays. To reach the church, take the road past the Sandy Beach resorts, the dirt road past Wrecked at the Reef and wind your way toward Cholla Bay. The church is on the right and clearly marked.


Padre Marco Lopez, at the altar in the San Jose/St. Joseph’s mission church in La Cholla in 2018, has returned as rector of Holy Family Church in Rocky Point and will offer the bilingual Mass each Sunday at 8 a.m. at St. Joseph’s.