How many times have we heard people say, “I love living in Mexico. I’ll be here until the day I die.” When you die, your worries are over – and your family’s worries begin. Although living in Mexico is pretty easy, when a non-national (expat/gringo) dies here, it’s complicated.

Nearly six years ago Linda Mottle and Kori Bonini created a framework for a Conservator Service and recruited Georgina Ross, owner of Puerto Peñasco Bilingual Services, to serve in that capacity. The Conservator Service can help non-national residents of Sonora, and their families, protect assets, and assist with any associated services the family desires.

At first, the focus was on single retirees who had no family here. Then it became apparent that anyone who loses a spouse and is grieving would be overwhelmed by the complicated processes and paperwork in Mexico. So, couples began signing up for the service.

In Mexico, not one, but three death certificates are needed from various agencies, along with birth certificates, passports, and marriage certificates, which must be sent to the Consulate which makes up the Death of a Foreign National certificate needed by insurance companies back in the U.S. The death certificates are only one step in this gauntlet that must be run when a non-national dies in Mexico.

To make it easier, Georgina provides clients with a comprehensive data sheet where they log all the information that will be needed to make after-death arrangements. Those could include funeral arrangements, contacting the USA Consulate, getting the death certificates, and securing the property. Additional services, including the disposition of personal items, sale of real property, closing utility accounts, and contacting insurance companies, can be arranged for additional charges if needed.

To learn more about the service, attend one of the upcoming presentations. The first presentation will take place on Friday, Dec. 16 at 10 a.m., at the Playa Bonita Restaurant’s private dining room. Additional presentations are set for Saturday, Jan. 14, and Saturday, March 11. Time and location will be announced.

Those presentations will cover changes in required legal documents and paperwork, details about funeral/cremation/columbarium services and costs, specifics for those who don’t have relatives, and about international insurance.

If any group or HOA is interested in scheduling a presentation, they can contact Georgina Ross at 638-112-0922 or by US cell at 520-265-3789. Her office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 to 5.