Well, its May already. Let me tell you, it was a long couple of months (March and April) for me. Yes, I finally decided to take my oncologists suggestion and agreed to undergo radiation treatments for my prostate cancer. Many of you longtime readers remember that 10 years ago, when I was diagnosed, I was given only a short time to live…maybe 6 months. Sandy didn’t believe them, so she and our daughter Lannette did a ton of research on the internet. Sandy read information from dozens of doctors and came up a herb and vitamin “cocktail” for me to take 3 x a day. Which I have been doing for 10 years now. I have been having bone scans every 6 months, and when my last scan came back, once again, clean, my specialist suggested (again) that I seriously consider the external beam radiation treatments. Sandy and I talked about the pros and cons for days before deciding to say, “yes” to the procedure which involved 9 weeks of 5-day-a-week treatments. Treatments which had to be done at a clinic in Phoenix. Great! I couldn’t drive daily to Phoenix, so we stared looking for an apartment, room, house, etc., somewhere to “live” for 2 months. Sandy posted on our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook Page that we needed help in finding housing. Within an hour, “friends” started offering assistance, suggestions, ideas, houses, and even room in their private homes. I want everyone to know that we really, really thank all of you for your concern. We were so dreading the treatments, the driving, and the time away from a regular daily routine, but “voila” it’s done! I had my final treatment the end of last month, and I feel really good. The procedure does exhaust you, but I experienced none of the horrible side effects which we had read about. We are glad it’s over and done with, and looking forward to getting back into a regular routine, once again in Peñasco.

Ok, enough of that. Now on to what is going on here in Rocky Point this month. May is going to be another fun, busy month. First let me tell everyone, who doesn’t already know, that the Immigration office has moved to Plaza Fremont on Blvd. Fremont. Their phone number is still (011-52-638) 383-2526 (at least we think it is, as it wasn’t in service today) and their hours are 8AM – NOON, Monday through Friday. It is the Plaza where Café Bistro and Bancomer Bank are located.

Ok, back to what will be going on, and don’t forget Mothers Day. Very important day in Mexico! There will be roses for sale at every major intersection to remind you. Thursday, May 10th is Mothers Day in Mexico, and Sunday May 13th is USA Mother’s Day. Most restaurants in town will offer a special for Mother’s Day. See the ads in this issue. Also the American Legion Post MX15, at Los Juanes Restaurant in the Mirador will offer (on Sunday 13th) Mom’s a free breakfast, Dad’s have to pay. Sandy loves it here because she always get two “Special Days” (before her birthday at the end of the month).


EL GOLFO RUN – May 4, 5, 6. This will be our 31st or 32nd bi-annual planned El Golfo 4×4 trip.

TEQUILA AND MARIACHI FEST – May 5th at 3PM in Old Port.

PARADISE BEACH CLUB CINCO DE MAYO DOGGIE FASHION SHOW – May 5th in the Mirador, by the Pink Cadillac.

MARK MULLIGAN – ONE NIGHT-ONLY-CONCERT – May 11th. Brought t o you by Sea Side Reservation. www.markmulligan.net for information.


CBSC ANNUAL FISHING DERBY – Weekends of May 10 – 13, and 24-26, with the Annual Fish Fry on May 27th at the Clubhouse in Cholla Bay.

UNITING NATIONS CUP GOLF at Mayan Palace Resort – weekend May 17th.

ANNUAL LAS CONCHAS PARTY IN THE PARK – May 10th, 5PM, food, beer, cocktails and silent auction. All proceeds go to chosen charities.

4TH ANNUAL ROCKY POINT RIDERS BEACH BIKER FEST – Weekend of May 25th – 26th – 27th. rockypointriders@hotmail.com.

PUERTO PEÑASCO BUSINESS EXPO – Memorial Day weekend at the Shrimp Plaza, corner Blvd Benito Juarez and Blvd. Fremont, across from City Hall.

Here are a couple more reasons to mark your calendars. 1) ROGER CLYNE and the PEACEMAKERS – CIRCUS MEXICUS XXI – June 8 – 9 – 10. www.azpeacemakers.com. 2) 1st ANNUAL LAS VEGAS NIGHT – Saturday July 7th, at Sonoran Sky Resort 7PM – 11PM. Food, drinks, and fun! Sponsored by the Sonoran Resorts and the City of Puerto Peñasco. All proceeds go to DIF charity. www.sonoranresorts.mex/lasvegas.

Sandy has been working really hard on our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook page, last week alone, we reached over 4,000 people. Please visit our very popular page and click on the “LIKE” button, to let her know to keep up the good work. She has even brought her laptop to the office for the last few weeks, and has been spotted in Rocky Point at her “frog” desk, once again.

The new Cinema Porto Mio is not open as yet. It was scheduled to open mid April but, as of editorial deadline, they were still working like crazy over at the corner of Blvd. Benito Juarez and Luis Encinas (by the anchor statue at the entrance to Old Port)

However, the new Autozone store has opened its doors, right on schedule. They are north of town on the main Blvd Benito Juarez, at the Corner of Samuel Ocaña. The auto parts (phone (011-52-638) 102-0844) section is open Monday through Saturday 8AM – 9PM and Sunday 8AM – 7PM. The auto repair section ((011-52-638) 102-0991) is open 6 days, Monday through Saturday 9AM – 7PM. Closed Sunday.

Next door to our Bodega Aurrera (WaltMart), the work is progressing rapidly for our new Sam’s Club. Yes, we will soon have Sam’s Club here in Rocky Point.

We have been getting some report of the officials on the Mexico side of the border requesting your pet’s health certificates, as you cross through inspection. There is an official form from your vet, but we are told it is very expensive. Many people tell us that they always carry the health records/shots etc for their pets when they cross the border, just like they carry title to their ATV’S , boats and bikes, etc.

Nancy, at the Animal Adopt Center of Rocky Point, wants you to know to be sure and have your pet collared and tagged with your name and phone number, AND your pets name. If your pet is picked up as a stray in Rocky Point, you need to go to the office at the original airport, north of town to claim him/her.

Here’s some great news! Rocky Point (actually all of Sonora) now has EMERGENCY 911, in English! We hope you never need to use it, but it is good to know have it available.

Do you believe that the Rocky Point Times is half way through our 20th year of publication! Our new slogan is…RPTimes, the Newspaper that gets PASSED ALONG, not TOSSED OUT!

Hey the weather is perfect here in Rocky Point. It couldn’t get any better than this! So, pack up the car and, “Come on down”!