I thought the band played their hearts off & loved every minute of it!! We REALLY enjoyed the concert & are sorry to hear there was so much disappointment. I really don’t think it was about dinero though; I believe that it was Roger’s dream to have a show on the beach that drove the venue change. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to learn is by doing & I am sure the band will take note of people’s comments & make changes. I don’t know if a fan friendlier band than RCPM!!! Great to see RP so lively again!! Gracias Peacemakers!!!
Terace Cobián

WORSE CONCERT SET UP EVER!!!!! Couldn’t see from anywhere you stood. Paid to buttload of money for higher level ticket only to have that area so jammed packed with bodies that you couldn’t get close to it. You could stand at beach side of Wrecked (left of stage) but then could barely hear only music no singing!!! They need to really re-think the stage set up. But on great note, More bodies in RP & Cholla then we have seen in a year down here!!! Xochitals/ Sally’s, JJs has been packed all weekend & so have all the other surrounding places too!! Last years set up you could walk around hear & see from every angle of the Venue. Sad to see that maybe the GREED of the Green has taken over!!! Very Disappointed attendee!!!!
Libby Ellis

It was difficult to see the show unless you were on the VIP raised platform, in which case it was difficult to move around without colliding with someone. The sound was “muddy” with almost no highs reaching the VIP platform.
Beverages were EXTREMELY limited, and priced outrageously. The band poured their hearts into the show (tired as they must have been from the arduous schedule they had just completed) so it was really too bad that the sound, the service, and the viewing configuration worked against them so severely. I, for one, would be happy to see some serious changes next year including a new venue. Initially, I was quite excited that the concert was changed to Wrecked at the Reef. My excitement has now waned completely.
Robert Farrell

The setup was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be from scoping it out prior to the concert, but we sat back by the shore and were very comfortable. Sound quality could have been better. Can they get wedges under the amps to aim them down toward the beach? I have a feeling the sound quality was perfect about fifteen feet above our heads. Great show, as usual. Would have loved to hear Sin Nombre, but otherwise perfect. THANK YOU, Jason Boots, for doing the Beastie Boys song. LOVED IT!!!
Nicole Borgstahl Wiese

I guess I’m glad we didn’t go this year…
Erin Shugg-Fugiel

We bring our kids every year and we won’t ever again if it’s there. We like to sit safely in the back and enjoy the music…we couldn’t hear or see a thing:( I do believe it was about making the $$ this year.
Jerylin Klettlinger Evans

Setup area not good, even the Romans knew to put stage down view. Concert over sold, no room. Left after 15 mins if that. And water not allowed in. Refund concert needed. Wasted $80. Guess wrecked wanted our cash and not smiles.
Adam Dishong

Roger didn’t seem to be on his A game at all; venue left A LOT to be desired. I couldn’t wait to leave. and we’ve been to about 50 RCPM shows over the years, true fans but I was disappointed-standing on a sandy decline listening to poor music quality was pretty crappy. Wish I would have found a lil bar to watch the Paquaio fight instead.
Brett Curtice

What was with the drink prices. The people of the Wrecked at the Reef are greedy vampires. I live in RP and I will not be going to that bar ever again and I will spread the word.
Lori Aker-Ramirez

(366 Reasons to visit Rocky Point) Minus 1!! The Roger Clyne show. Booo
Adam Dishong


 We had a “bad episode” at Roger Clyne Concert at Wrecked at the Reef, as they put 3000 on the beach “facing upwards” with the stage up near the top, so everyone who had a chair was falling backwards.  We were in a spot (about 30 ft from the water) where people were walking by people “continually” for beer or bathrooms or whatever.  We had a total of two beers, and both of them had “sand kicked in them.”  If you left your spot, you couldn’t see to get back, and it was a wonder that I didn’t fall on people to get our 2nd beers.  When I got back, people were walking by with their hands held out with lit cigarettes with long butts that could fall off, and I thought watch those fall on his “bald head.”  By 9:30 pm when he said he had to go to the bathroom, I said to myself “that’s it.”  It wasn’t like we were mad, we were just done, if you know what I mean.  I had to walk out to near the road by “Thunder on the Beach” to get the car, come back and him pick up. We both said, we won’t do that again in the sand.
Karen A.

I guess there were 3,000 people there!  A lot of people said the word “disorganized” while we were there, and “overcrowding” was put on one site.

Roger Cline’s good spirit is what makes Circus Mexicus the best!! I realize it takes the efforts of many people to make it happen, and thank them all. It is one of the most fun and celebrated events in Rocky Point by people north of the border, and that is a tribute to Roger’s popularity. Also, as a business owner, I know myself and all the businesses thank him for the huge boost to tourism when he comes to play. Thank you Roger and the Peacemakers. Your name says it all. 
Sally Dalton

I agree with what Sally said^^!!!
Connie Lynn Heeter-Jones

Agree with Sally X2
Johnny McBride


As for the venue, it was a new venue and they of course encountered some bumps that are expected with any new experience. I feel that there will and always be negative feedback from a certain few that will look for it. In saying that, I also feel that those negative comments will also be used as valuable tools for improvement next year. Wrecked at the Reef and RCPM both did a great job on handling the complaints with a very eloquent reply to the fans on Facebook and Twitter. I am not sure if you have seen them or not, but those will answer many of the questions you may be getting.
Personally, I felt that they handled the unforeseen “hurdles” they encountered professionally and they did what they could, given the circumstances and resources they had. I honestly feel that the overall experience of the event outweighs any hiccups, and that is what should be highlighted. I had a great time and the show was just a minute part of that…the friendships, family, setting and memories made were truly my highlights and RCPM was just the catalyst to allow that to happen. 

I hope that answers your question. I also forwarded your question to Greg Ross, and he responded with the following reply;



Thanks for the questions from Sandra regarding the show.

We did have some last minute safety issues placing the stage on the beach that forced us to move it.  Although not the best space we’ve ever had the show, we did feel that it kept the show on the beach which we had been communicating to our fan base since we put tickets on sale in February.  We did receive feedback from some fans who weren’t happy about the arrangement but those numbers represented approximately 1% of attendance.

 That 1% is important to us however and changes are in the works for a different stage location in 2013.  More detailed information can be found on the event Facebook page.


Greg Ross