A.M.P.I. Chapter 51 Puerto Peñasco is the local chapter of A.M.P.I., the national organization for real estate professionals, in México. A.M.P.I. creates an atmosphere of ethical professionalism among real estate practitioners through educational opportunities, professional development, cooperation and problem solving. The organization provides broad collaboration with public authorities and the community as a consultative group with respect to real estate, and promotes Puerto Peñasco and the State of Sonora at every opportunity.

Members of A.M.P.I. are dedicated to helping their clients to achieve their real estate goals with the best possible real estate practices, and continuously strive to improve practices for the benefit of their clients. All forms used by A.M.P.I. real estate professionals are “A.M.P.I. approved,” which means they have passed the scrutiny of the organization’s council of real estate brokers, and by the organization’s attorney, to assure they meet the rigors of state and federal real estate laws, before being put into use.

Since A.M.P.I. is affiliated with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the U.S.A., A.M.P.I. real estate agents who are associate members may call themselves “Realtors,” and may use the coveted Realtor® logo in marketing. Strongly committed to real estate education, the Puerto Peñasco A.M.P.I. chapter has been tasked by the State of Sonora to create and conduct a series of classes that prepare real estate agents for the real estate licensure that is required to practice in the state, and for renewal of state real estate licenses.

Puerto Peñasco is one of the few real estate markets in México that is served by a Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which provides data that is extremely valuable to real estate clients. Besides providing a platform for real estate listings for marketing purposes, the MLS avails Realtors of data regarding list prices, sale prices, days on market, and other information that helps them to advise their clients regarding market trends and pricing.

A.M.P.I. members participate in many local activities and charities, in addition to serving on various committees and boards, and are often deeply involved in large community events. An excellent first decision of real estate buyers and sellers would be to choose an A.M.P.I. Realtor® to guide them through their real estate transaction; every real estate agent in Puerto Peñasco is not an A.M.P.I. member – ask!