One strange coincidence after another caused a citywide water outage over Memorial Day Weekend. Luckily most of the resorts have a sufficient backup supply so I doubt that our guests even knew there was a problem. At least, I didn’t hear anyone complaining.
Rumor has it that It all started when the circus came to town to set up for the weekend. In the course of setting up their bigtop just off of the main boulevard on the way into town, they supposedly hit the water main with one of the giant spikes used to anchor the tent. The main broke and caused a huge flood on Benito Juarez in front of the Santa Fe Market. This all happened early morning on Friday May 25th. Next, the city had a new section of pipe delivered on Friday afternoon and it was just sitting there, patiently waiting to be installed on Saturday in order to start the flow again. Enter coincidence number 2. On Friday night a drunk driver jumped the curb and rammed into the new section of pipe, smashing it and, obviously, rendering it unusable. As I understand it, they either had trouble getting another section of pipe, or had difficulties getting it installed but it wasn’t until Tuesday morning that full water service was restored to town.
This didn’t seem to bother the huge number of visitors to town over Memorial Day Weekend. The beaches were full, the resorts were totally, or almost totally occupied and everyone had a good time. I haven’t seen any numbers yet but it looked like more people than I’ve seen on the beach on Memorial Day weekend in a long time. Fausto Soto, Secretary of Puerto Peñasco and Director of International Relations stated: ¨This past weekend we had a large influx of American tourism.” Soto said. “It has been a great opportunity to reinforce that Rocky Point is a safe destination, and it’s good to see that the number of visitors over the holiday weekend makes a true statement of the safety of Rocky Point.”Lazaro Hernandez, Chief of Public Security in Puerto Peñasco reported that there were no major public safety incidents and there were no deaths due to accidents. What a great weekend and a what a great sign for Rocky Point.
This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing.