With the wettest season in many years, crossing the Sonoyta detour bridge has been challenging, but that’s all over now. This has been quite a year for rain and monsoon activity around Arizona, and Sonoyta was no exception.

After tearing down the main bridge in town for replacement and sending all traffic across a much smaller bridge, the rains came. And came, and came, until the bridge was under flowing water off and on for a good part of the month of September. There were times that the bridge was closed completely, other times that only larger vehicles and trucks were allowed through, and even times when local companies would load smaller cars onto flatbed trucks and take them across (for a fee, of course). But, the alternative was to drive all the way over to the new Coastal Highway through El Golfo de Santa Clara, to San Luis, and come into town that way. Keeping in mind that this route would add an additional 4+ hours to the trip, many were more than willing to shell out $40usd to get across.

We certainly can’t forget about our own Rocky Point, though. We got our share of the rains as well and town was completely flooded more than once. And, we got one major wind storm in the process, causing some damage throughout town and the Sandy Beach area. I heard of a couple broken windows, some water damage, and a lot of patio furniture that lost the cushions.

The good news is that the rains have stopped and monsoon season appears to be over. The even better news is that the brand new replacement bridge has opened 2 of it’s 4 lanes to traffic. So, even if we get another good storm, there should be absolutely no problem getting across. I guess that there is a 3rd area of good news as well: We live in the desert and getting all the extra rain surely helped raise the aquifirs that supply our water here in town.

Both Sonoyta and Puerto Peñasco city crews have been scrambling to fill in all of the giant pot-holes caused by all of the extra water and, I must say, they are making nice progress. Now that the weather has broken, we’re all ready for Fall tourist season to begin. The coast is clear again.

This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Group, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing.