This is great news for many, especially those who live in and stay in the Sandy Beach area when they visit Rocky Point. In keeping with his pre-election promises, Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta continues to secure funding and initiate road improvement projects to better the infrastructure of our little slice of paradise by the sea.

Completion of the Cholla Road extension by the new Convention Center was followed by the beginning of repavement work on Benito Juarez, and now we can count on a smooth ride down Samuel Ocaña that will allow us to pass by several stores to make last minute purchases on our way to the Sonoran Resorts and the many other nice condominiums along Sandy Beach.

According to a press release issued earlier in the month, road work on Blvd. Samuel Ocaña is part of the city’s comprehensive urbanization and modernization plan to improve infrastructure and will begin before the end of this year.  This type of improvement takes on even greater meaning with the recent ground breaking for the new cruise ship home port for which funding has also been secured.

Nearly 30 million pesos was transferred from the state to the city on December 23rd, which gives the city the go ahead to begin the first phase of improvements beginning at Benito Juarez for 1.3 kilometers to Ave. Juan Barrera before the end of the year. The project plan is to have two driving lanes and a parking lane along each side for the length of the road. Paving will consist of hydraulic concrete.

Engineer Reyna Orozco indicated the City has both the technical ability and human resources to carry out the projects while strictly adhering to legal provisions and norms derived from the present agreement, guaranteeing the correct application of resources and fulfillment of goals.

This is refreshing news to the many who know that Samuel Ocaña is the first impression many get of our city upon initially entering.

This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Group,, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing