Generous and enthusiastic attendees of the Sonoran Resorts Las Vegas Night for Charity 2015 helped raise nearly $5,000 US Dollars (Sonoran Resorts Corporate topped it off to an even $5,000) this year which was used to purchase needed supplies and equipment for the local Casa Hogar Home for the Aged. Since 1992 this small, serene mission-style walled environment has been called home by 30 elderly citizens on average who have been accepted into the warm and loving extended care facility because they have no other place to live out their twilight years.

Since its inception Casa Hogar has operated entirely from donated funds and supplies, and done so very efficiently. Especially over the last six or seven years. Much of the operational success can be attributed to the total devotion of the nuns assigned to the home by the Catholic diocese.

Las Vegas Night for Charity is the brainchild of Jim Ringquist, Sonoran Resorts Director of Sales and Marketing and has been a growing success since the very first event four years ago, allowing for many thousands of dollars in donations to various deserving charities in Puerto Peñasco each year. Shortly after this year’s event, traditionally held over the July 4th weekend, Jim met with the staff, board and management of Casa Hogar to determine what their biggest and/or most timely needs were. Over the next two months he received their “wish list” and set out to fill it.

On Thursday October 1st, Jim and members of the Sonoran Resorts corporate staff along with local award-winning photographer Tony Ballesteros and Sonoran Resorts blog writer, Joe Houchin, gathered in a covered area at Casa Hogar shortly after the equipment and supplies were delivered and presented the complete wish list much to their appreciative amazement-as Tony’s photos clearly depict.

Donations included such major items as a commercial refrigerator, mini-split air conditioners, a water heater, outside lighting kits and stacks of construction materials that were badly needed.

The current core of Casa Hogar is under the direction of Mother Superior Sister María Del Buen Consejo, a nun since the age of 16 who became a nurse and served hospital assignments for 25 years followed by another 17 years assigned to homes as a care giver. Her assignments have included such locales as Rome, Italy, the jungles of Ecuador and all around Mexico. She was assigned to Casa Hogar about four years ago along with two other Sisters: Sister María Gloria and Sister María Trinidad, all members of the prestigious 127 year old Order of María Imaculada. The only other permanent staff includes two grounds and maintenance personnel and three others in the kitchen.

All additional manpower comes from volunteers, mostly students with a passion to serve, who are recruited from nearby schools. Casa Hogar has been blessed since around 2009 with the dedicated efforts of Rubén Rodríguez Rico who has served as Patron President along with his wife, Clarisa Flores de Rodríguez who serves as co-chair. Rubén has been motivated to continue his father’s lifelong wish to build a home for the aged, which never happened before his passing seven years ago.

Rubén has devoted countless hours away from his large business, TIPS Party Planning and Supplies, which you’ve seen around Puerto Peñasco. His main store on Benito Juarez serves as the most complete party and holiday headquarters in the city.

Rubén has been responsible for securing funding, much of it from the municipality, to have the rooms renovated each year, as well as getting the city to pay the electric bills for the facility. He and Clarisa were instrumental in having meals prepared for the residents three days a week by Flavio’s (Aquí Es Con Flavio), The Pointe and Cocina Express. Someone from Casa Hogar (or a volunteer) picks up the meals on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. He continues to seek more restaurants to donate prepared meals on an ongoing basis. Ongoing donations to ease the burden of constantly searching for funding to cover operation expenses, overhead and provide essentials for patients are his main goals.

Casa Hogar is located on Blvd. Josefa O. de Dominguez in Colonia Oriente next door to the new cathedral. You can call 638-383-2599 or 638-112-0846 for more information and to arrange a donation.

The Sisters who run Casa Hogar are so appreciative of every small donation, which is obvious from the broad smiles visitors receive. Their religious devotion is a pleasure to witness as well. They are always in need of items like Ensure, soap, cleaning supplies, toiletries, sugar, bread, rice, beans and flour.

Fortunately, you, our loyal readers who attended this year’s Las Vegas Night for Charity, helped fill their big wish list of major items! Your generosity is much appreciated by Mother Superior Sister María and her entire team.

This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Group,, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing