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The shutdown of Puerto Peñasco continued during the month of May but a meeting of the Sonoran State Health Committee indicated that the easing of restrictions will proceed during June as the pandemic slowly subsides and life here can resume back to normal.

Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich announced that a board of scientists and researchers of the  State Health Committee started the formation of the state’s Economic Reactivation Plan and its framework for re-opening the economy and the city projected between May 16 and 22. By the time this article is published much of this plan should be set in motion in June.

The committee emphasized that during the next two weeks if the conditions set by specialists such as maintaining the strict social distancing by 75% of the population continues then the opening of non-essential activities could start gradually, with rigorous health protocols in place.

The conditions for economic reactivation outlined is a step-step-step plan reactivating only between 17% and 34% of the population for a whole month while prioritizing municipalities, productive sectors and lower risk activities, said Governor Pavlovich.

“With an economic reactivation route raised by experts from SoyUnison, El Colegio de Sonora, Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo-CIAD and Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora-ITSON, we prepare to return to a new normal, progressive and tidy, caring for the health of Sonoran families,” said Governor Pavlovich.

Puerto Peñasco’ s response to the virus was aggressive while impressive. There was a fear that Puerto Peñasco would be hit hard with the virus and put a strain on the limited medical resources overwhelming the system.

In response to the virus, local government officials, with guidance from the state of Sonora, implemented a sanitary filter around the city which established roadblocks at all entrances essentially closing the city to non-residents and preventing them from entering. Any resident who decided to leave would have to prove they did in fact live in Puerto Peñasco in order to return. Other preventative responses included the closing of all non-essential business, beaches, parks, restaurant’s and schools.

The response to the virus had a tremendous negative effect on the community and especially local business. Most every business has seen a downturn in revenue and has had to get creative in order to comply with city regulations. For example, most restaurants adjusted their business models to include take-out or delivery of food in order to stay afloat during these unpredictable times.

There is never a good time for a global pandemic, but this situation came at the worst possible time for this once sleepy, little fishing village whose entire existence is based on tourism. Government officials had a difficult decision to make, which was choosing the well-being of its residents or essentially cancelling the 2020 busy spring tourism season. Officials made the correct decision by cancelling the spring tourism season and looking at the long-term consequences for our city instead of the short-term gain.

In this current sea of negativity, it’s important to remember that there are many positive aspects of this health epidemic. For example, we are spending more time with our families, which we normally can’t do. Many of us are praying more and developing a closer relationship with God unlike before. Another example are the stories of kindness and compassion by ordinary citizens determined to help others.

This crisis has brought out the best in most people here in Puerto Peñasco with community members and business owners supporting vulnerable families in Puerto Peñasco with the delivery of pantry items, food, construction materials and clothing. Groups also donated medical supplies to include ventilators, an isolation chamber, toiletries, soap, face masks and other medical items so families and the medical community can properly react and respond to the epidemic.

When this is over, there is no doubt that investment will continue, the tourists will come back, and life will go on as usual. This entire situation is temporary, and life will return to normal here in paradise very soon. If you were thinking of making Puerto Peñasco your home-away-from-home, now is the time to look for investment opportunities. Contact your local real estate agent today to purchase your dream home or lot and pat yourself on the back afterwards for your great timing.

About the author: Joseph Sanchez is president of Rocky Point Home Builders a design/build contractor specializing in custom home design, construction and engineered renovations. He resides here in Puerto Peñasco with his wife and two children and is originally from Chicago. For more information email him at

CLAUDIA PAVLOVICH PHOTO – Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich announced that a board of scientists and researchers of the State Health Committee started the formation of the state’s Economic Reactivation Plan and its framework for re-opening the economy.