One doesn’t have to look far to find talent in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico, a charming once-small fishing village turned hot vacation destination on the Sea of Cortez. Talent is abundant in Rocky Point (another name given to Puerto Peñasco) and comes in many forms from musical groups banging out tunes street side using 50-gallon drums and other discarded “trash”, to fine artists using everything from shells to yarn to paint for their works. We even have jugglers, fire breathers, magicians and, of course, traveling Mariachis. I am convinced that there is not one Mexican National in Peñasco that cannot belt out a contract-worthy tune. And that goes for dancing as well. These two talents just seem to come naturally to them (and I’m a little jealous). Rocky Point is home to a variety of talented people of all ages. Besides Mariachis and musicians, I think artists make up the next biggest group of talented folk, or perhaps they would be first and musicians second. It’s a close race to say the least. Rocky Point is home to many talents and it draws many talented folks as well, some that decide to live here full-time and those that come for vacations. Artists, whether a painter, writer or musician, draw inspiration from a variety of places and I can think of no better place for inspiration than right here in Rocky Point, Mexico.

Songs have been sung and scenes have been painted about Rocky Point, Mexico and all you have to do is sit through one sunset or take a look around to see that we are bursting at the seams with inspiration. Artists in particular have an abundance of canvas worthy opportunities as do photographers. There are so many things to paint and photograph in and around Rocky Point it would take years to name them all and each person has their own creative interpretation making the supply endless. Rocky Point is lucky because a lot of those artists, some who don’t live here full time or at all, sell their paintings, sketches, photographs, etc. at local art galleries and curio shops around town. Take Galeria Luis y Gaby for example, both artists in their own right and they also display and sell others art work one such lady being Joyce Dale Dodd, who has been coming to Rocky Point for years. She draws a lot of her inspiration from the local townspeople and the ocean and desert scenery. Julio Meza, who has been around for years, creates some of the most exquisite shell art I have ever seen. He has such an amazing talent making all kinds of creations out of shells he gathers from the Sea of Cortez. Julio Meza is an absolutely amazing and unique artist. His works can be found at various shops and galleries around town as well at his own gallery in the heart of the city. Victor Aleman, probably one of Rocky Point’s best known talents is a world renowned spray paint artist and has helped many kids in Rocky Point sharpen their artistic talents and their work can be seen as murals all around the city. Victor’s work also graces many RVs that pull in for the winter months – many more when Rocky Point’s beaches were dotted with many RV parks. He is such an amazing talent and to watch him work is just magical. His artwork adorns many a homes in Rocky Point as well as his large artisan village just north of town. Not only is he a fantastic artist, but he has also created a place where artists can show their talents and he has an enormous stock of wonderful pottery, fountains, benches and just about everything else you would need for outdoor décor.

There are many other artists in Rocky Point, the above just name a few. Next time you are browsing the galleries and shops in Rocky Point ask who the artist is and whether or not they are local – you might be surprised.