Happy Spring to you all. This article is just to share a few words and some photos about my mom, Lois Lyons. Most of you didn’t know her, but some of you know me. My name is Todd Lyons and, with my partners, we have the Long Realty franchise for Puerto Peñasco and Castaways Rocky Point, our rental and property management company. www.gotrockypoint.com and www.castawaysrockypoint.com (shameless plug) If you know me, you’re aware I have a warped sense of humor and hopefully overall, you think I’m an ok guy. Well, I get it from my mom. The following words are just a little tidbit of history and what kind of person she was and continues to be.


Lois was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 15, 1942 and passed away on January 10, 2012, she was 69 years old, a lifelong nurse, a Vietnam Veteran, and an amazing mother, friend, and mentor. Her mother, my grandma, was from Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. (Yes, this makes me ¼ bean) After nursing school, my mom wore combat boots for the US army during the Vietnam war as, she was part of the 85th Evacuation Hospital in Qui Nhon ’65-‘66, and ended her tour as 1ST Lieutenant. The statistics from her unit are astounding, even for a modern hospital today. The 85th EVAC saw over 24,300 admitted and only 184 died, not bad for a few tents in the middle of a muddy field, half way around the world. The unit definitely earned their name, the Miracle Workers. In fact my mom and her friends were responsible for getting the Women’s Memorial erected and dedicated in Washington D.C. to honor the nurses and medical staff who served their country during the Vietnam War. I’m very proud of her for that and all she has done. Mom’s funeral was wonderful and extremely emotional, with hundreds in attendance, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house once the honor guards started to play taps and gave her a 21 gun salute. Also present was her Vietnam Veteran’s Chapter #9 from Detroit and their silent salute. “Welcome home Lois”


Mom was a diehard Michigan and Detroit sports fan, as you might have noticed, so am I. Go Blue and Go Lions!! We’ve always known how giving mom was and, while back in Michigan for her funeral, we found out how much more giving she had been throughout the years. My sister and I found 24 charities that she donated to on a regular basis, and never mentioned it to anyone, simply amazing. Mom was an organ donor too and, since her death, we recently received a letter that her corneas gave vision to a woman from Illinois, she’s an amazing woman that just keeps on giving.


Mom enjoyed coming to Rocky Point to visit me when she could. She liked the beautiful sea, vistas, and sunsets that Peñasco has to offer and, enjoyed spending time with me, my sister Tanya, and my brother Craig, here at the beach or on a boat. She never questioned my decisions, but always had some good advice and, she knew I wasn’t crazy for wanting to live at the beach in Mexico, a long way from the Midwest. To me, it was only 8 hours away, a 4 hour flight to Phoenix and a 4 hour drive to Rocky Point. I’m pretty sure I’ve provided a story or two for her to tell her friends about back in Michigan and wherever she is now.


Thank you all for taking the time to read this little blurb. I want everyone to take a moment to call or visit your mother if you can, tell her you love her and ask how things are going or, take some time alone to remember her silently. I’ll always love you mom, words cannot describe how much I miss you or how proud I am of you. Thank you.