Well, I have to confess, I have been remiss in my self-imposed decision to alternate the sexes of the featured poets…last two poets were female. So, right here, right now we will fix that. Featured this spring issue is Billy Collins, a wonderful everyman’s poet I say.

For example:


Yes, that’s Orion over there,

the three studs of the belt

clearly lined up just off the horizon.

And if you turn around you can see

Gemini, very visible tonight,

the twins looking off into space as usual.

That cluster a little higher in the sky

is Cassiopeia sitting in her astral chair

if I’m not mistaken.

And directly overhead,

isn’t that Virginia Woolf

slipping along the river Ouse

in her inflatable canoe?

See the wide-brimmed hat and there,

the outline of the paddle, raised and dripping stars?

Billy Collins

The Trouble With Poetry and Other Poems

A unique ability for one so talented I say…’who gives us good poetry that is not obscure or incomprehensible.’ Two time US Poet Laureate; 2001-2003 and author of nine poetry collections and counting.

Can’t you just see Virginia up there above us all here in Peñasco, what fun she must be having!

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