And Meet Our Long Time Friend and Neighbor…Maryann Arminio!!!

Feliz Agosto Rocky Point! Yes, it has warmed up a bit, but the weather is still way better off with the sea breezes than places like the Southwest USA. The rental market continues to be very strong as well as new sales in the several condo and home developments currently going on around town. It is really cool to see our “little town” growing up month after month with more options for restaurants, cantinas and fun festival choices. Recently, I took a couple weeks and got out of the area and took a trip to Mykonos, Greece. All I can say is WOW, just wow!!! If anyone is thinking about a trip to Greece and would like some referral options for places to stay and things to do and what Mykonos has to offer, please email me and I would be glad to give you some input about the island…definitely one of the best vacations I have ever been on…FRONT TO BACK! I will follow with an article comparing Rocky Point with Mykonos, Greece. It should be a fun one!

We have a long time Rocky Point resident, Maryann Arminio whom I recently sat down with to get to know better and talk a bit about her past, present and future. Maryann can be found whether golfing, enjoying her water sports, hustling at her real estate job or hanging out at one of many of our local restaurants and bars. She is a firecracker and I thought it would be good for all of us to get to know her better 😊.

Marco: When was your first time to Rocky Point?

Maryann: I came down for the first time in 2010 as my mom needed some dental work and was suggesting we go to Algodones and I wanted to go to a better beach destination so I found Puerto Peñasco online. My late husband Joe and I always wanted to live in Mexico, so we visited several places to purchase and fell in love with Bella Sirena.

Marco: Awesome! When did you finally move to Peñasco?

Maryann: We moved in 2011 to Bella Sirena as we were relocating from the high desert in Oregon, and we really wanted some greenery like before when we lived in Hawaii. The Bella Sirena grounds really attracted me to the project, and I really still love it and have not looked back.

Marco: Yes, I get the same comments often from guests and renters about Bella. What do you think is so special about Rocky Point?

Maryann: Well, the Sea of Cortez for sure with its warmer waters, only being a one hour drive to the border, being only 3 and a half hours drive to Phoenix, and the people…I love the people here, everyone is just so friendly!

Marco: Yes, I find the same reception no matter where we go in town. A warm smile and they truly care about you and want to get to know you! What are your favorite restaurants and cantinas in town?

Maryann: Wrecked at the Reef, JJ’s Cantina, Changos, Banditos, Pane e Vino, Chef Mickey’s, Mare Blu, Borrachos, Manny’s Beach Club and the new American Legion.

Marco: Well, I can say check, check and Czech to all of them…we really do have so many amazing choices today in town. I can remember when we only had a handful…today the options seem to be endless 😊. What are your favorite hobbies?

Maryann: I am an avid golfer and play often at Islas del Mar as it is my favorite. I play about 3 days a week. I also play at the Mayan Palace and Las Palomas. I also enjoy our local water sports like snorkeling, paddle boarding and sailing…I really love to sail! Islas del Mar is really changing with the condos, custom homes and new lots for sale. The first phase of the golf condos has 45 units and is 2/3 sold out. Eventually, they will be finishing the final 9 holes, but the plan is to build a Beach Club first where you can ride paddle boats and electric boats through the lagoons, and it will have a gym and restaurant and a micro hotel.

Marco: Wow, I had no idea all the plans for Islas del Mar. You know, I like all the courses too but the scenery at Islas is my favorite…that and the 9 holes…I sort of get ADD after the first 9 holes or is that the bevies kicking in Tomas and Scotty Pea? 😊 What is your best suggestion to someone moving to Rocky Point, Maryann?

Maryann: Ours was really a smooth move…I recommend doing your research on how to take items across the border and what needs to be declared so there are no border surprises. There are websites that update this information regularly.

Marco: Where do you see Rocky Point in 2040?

Maryann: I see it as a bustling city full of people with more and more people relocating from California as has been the trend over the last few years. I look forward to seeing a bigger marina and the cruise ships coming in. With the influx of people coming in, the roads will continue to improve with more tax income. I see Peñasco becoming a leader in solar technology and hopefully we will see the planned toll road from Sonoita to the Mayan Palace come to fruition.

Marco: Can you tell us about your job, past and present?

Maryann: Well, I have a degree in architectural design and worked in Oregon and Hawaii utilizing my background and started building spec houses and then got my realtor license about 40 years ago. I have worked and sold real estate in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Oregon and now Peñasco. I love my job, especially meeting new people and making their dreams come true. I especially love to work with past clients as it shows they liked the job I did the first time and we become even closer friends.

Marco: That is awesome, yes like you I work on the mortgage side of things in real estate and have loved what I do for a living. So many of us like to give back to the community. What sort of events do you get yourself involved with to help others?

Maryann: I regularly give to the local Red Cross via cash donations and medical supplies and donate furniture and clothing to Bella Sirena’s HOA to hand along to those in need as well as I give to Barb’s Dog Rescue.

Marco: Good job Maryann! When we all chip in a little, it makes A LOT of difference. Anything else you would want the Rocky Point Times readers to know about you?

Maryann: Everyone should take a look at Rocky Point…once you get here, you will not want to leave. The people are so friendly and helpful and after all you would have me, your Beach and Golf Realtor 😊. I also want to list a few friends that I regularly golf with and mean the world to me…Jim Wiesenberg, Lori Wilson, Sandy Schrader, the Pratt’s, the Steven’s, the Rhon’s, The Delk’s and so many more including all my Canadian friends that come down in the winter.

Marco: I’ll give a big Canadian A to that as well as an I’ll say! If you are interested in Rocky Point Real Estate, please reach to Maryann at JMP Realty at 541-281-5751 or

Ahh, thank you so much Maryann! Well, until next month my beach friends…always remember what beach stands for…BEST ESCAPE ANYONE CAN HAVE!!! Salud to you, your health, your friends, your family! Stay cool throughout August and I look forward to seeing you at the beach!!!!