LAS PALOMASOne third ownership in a two bedroom condo at Las Palomas is the best investment I ever made. As I was approaching retirement, my wife and I began thinking about a vacation home. After looking at numerous locations throughout the U.S., Wendy and I came to Puerto Peñasco for a weekend with some friends who owned a unit at Sonoran Sun. We had a great time and the possibility of Mexico for our home away from home became more appealing.
The second trip with these long-time friends made me realize that the drive from our home in Phoenix was just four hours and leaving early in the morning would allow us considerable time to enjoy the rest of the day in Mexico. Likewise a four hour trip home could be made later in the last day of a long weekend.
Though I am recently retired, Wendy still works Monday through Thursday and I was in hopes we could own a portion of a condo so we could split, not only the purchase price, but the HOA expenses, taxes, utilities and maintenance. That proved to be an excellent decision. December of 2011 we made a hurried trip on a Friday night to meet realtor Rocky Point Dan the following morning. I was only interested in a specific two bedroom unit at Las Palomas Diamante, which I had seen on the internet. We loved the condo and met one of the two other partners and a one-third ownership proved to be exactly what we wanted.
Over Three years into our 1/3 ownership, we are delighted with the unit and the partnership with the other couples. One couple is from Chandler and one is from Tucson. Wendy is an accountant and handles the budget and management of the unit.
My original statement as the best investment I ever made has nothing to do with return on the money to buy or maintain the unit. It has to do with the quality of life.
We usually are in Rocky Point at least once a month. Sometimes twice. This year has had wonderful weather and we have been able to spend quite a bit of time enjoying the beach and golf courses. Though we take pleasure in dining out, we have a tough time convincing ourselves that there is a better place to dine than our patio at sunset. That’s pretty hard to beat.
My son and daughter-in-law have spent time with us when they can escape from Wasilla, Alaska. Both are teachers, so spring break, Christmas vacations and early summer when they come to Arizona, we make the junket to Rocky Point and Las Palomas. My daughter and son-in-law are always anxious to join us and those are the trips where we receive that return on investment. The priceless times of family and fellowship.
We are truly blessed with my son-in-law’s parents as part of our extended family. Bill and Betty Chesbro are in their nineties and we included them on our trip over Thanksgiving last year and again for a week this spring. They both love Rocky Point, and the condo. We are delighted to create memories with some of the nicest people on the planet.
Others in our extended family have joined us and we have enlightened many to learn of the friendliness of the people of Mexico and especially Puerto Peñasco.
It is truly created a closer bond with our family and as previously stated, it has enriched our lives and become our priceless jewel of an investment in that most precious of all commodities: TIME.
Thank you, Puerto Peñasco.