Our Travel Agency, Mochileros TOURS, came to life in February 2019 with the firm conviction to transform the way the world is experienced. From our beginnings, we have taken adventurous travelers to unexplored destinations, offering much more than simple trips: we provide experiences designed to touch the heart of every adventurer.

Today, with pride and enthusiasm, we celebrate a new milestone in our history. We have spread our wings and opened our doors in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, also known as Rocky Point. Mochileros TOURS stands as the preferred choice for travelers, offering not only journeys but experiences designed to meet the expectations of authentic travelers.

Our proposal lies in the ability to customize each trip according to your dreams and preferences. From unexplored routes to charming accommodations and passionate local guides, at Mochileros TOURS, we understand that every detail counts. Our commitment is not limited to taking you to extraordinary destinations but immersing you in the cultural, historical, and natural richness of each place you explore.

But our offer goes beyond exceptional customization. We are committed to being your

trusted companion every step of the way. With comprehensive insurance and exclusive

promotions, we provide the security and peace of mind you need to fully enjoy each adventure. Whether exploring national gems within the vast Mexican territory or diving

into international experiences, we invite you to join us and discover a new destination,

where each experience becomes a unique narrative that lasts through time. With

Mochileros TOURS, the world is your canvas, and your adventure is waiting to be written.