Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year to all. Please take a look at the cats we still have here at the center. We are feeding over 50 cats and kittens and still need your help. Cats are abundant in Rocky Point though not as noticeable as the dogs and there are no other centers to care for abandoned, sick and hurt cats and kittens. We currently use 12 to 15 bags of dry cat food per month and 4 cases of canned food. If you can donate food to help feed the cats and kittens, it can be purchased locally. We are also in need of vaccines. I can order a quantity of 50 for about $300 USD. And some of our residents need a visit to the veterinarian such as Marmaduke, an orange tabby that has been here for a few years – he is sluggish and has stopped eating. If you can help with food or veterinary costs, your donation would be greatly appreciated. And if you are interested in adopting a cat or a kitten, please message or contact me (Nancy) for an appointment.

Donations can be made via Paypal at: nancy_phelan@yahoo.com or mail a check to our non-profit corporation: AACORP, PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341. Any amount will help and thank you in advance. Hope you all are enjoying Rocky Point and the cooler weather…from Nancy and. “The Gang”.