Remember that fireworks bother the animals, so keep your animals inside and safe.

Kitten season is here, and we’re inundated with pregnant moms and new babies. The Center has a new helper, Lisa, and a new friend, Melissa Hinton Blank. Lisa is fostering kittens for us, one of which was dropped off at Jillz Joint, so a big thank you to Jill for getting that kitten to Lisa.

Our needs right now are:

  • Kitten beds and bottles
  • Kitten replacement milk
  • Kirkland and Purina cat food, dry
  • Purina Kitten food dry
  • Canned wet food for cats and dogs
  • Long extension cords, outside lights

Kirkland Cat food can be found La Cañada or Weltons.

  The animals want to thank everyone who is helping. Contributions can be made with Zelle or PayPal to  More information on Facebook. I’ll be posting more photos of the kittens.

  We are in the process of opening Nancy’s Mexi-Cat Sanctuary, hopefully by the end of the year. There are dog sanctuaries in town, but none for cats. We need land donated, preferably fully on the highway and we’re working with Abigail Marquez, a local real estate agent – you can contact her on Facebook if you have any ideas.

  I’d like to recognize the businesses that have been contributing and helping us out. Please support Max’s Cafe, BooBar, Rocky Point BBQ House, and Guiseppi’s! If you would like to adopt a kitten or foster, my new U.S. phone is (623) 272-5525.