Puerto Peñasco’s imposing sun, dunes, sea, sunsets, volcanic areas, and infrastructure are the main attractions that have made this port city the setting for grand-scale film projects.

The film industry has turned its gaze toward Puerto Peñasco to take advantage of its natural beauty, proximity to the border, and ease offered so that production companies can set up for movies, documentaries, and television series.

Though this port had already been the setting for films in decades past, the interest and arrival of production companies has been accentuated over the last five years. This is evidenced by movies such as: “Sonora” by Alejandro Springall, which showcases the majestic Elegante and Colorado craters; “Barcos de Papel” starring Pedro Damian; the rom-com “Infelices para Siempre”, starring Consuelo Duval and Adrian Uribe; as well as the Netflix series “Run Coyote Run” and “Yankee”; and important documentaries about El Pinacate Biosphere, the dunes, and it’s endemic species, made for Japanese productions as well as for National Geographic.

This boom is, in part, thanks to the infrastructure Puerto Peñasco offers to support this type of work, as well as accessibility provided by local authorities, the Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCV), and the state government through COFETUR.

Efforts made to promote the film industry in Puerto Peñasco have been such that collaborative and marketing agreements have been signed between Sonora and Arizona, aimed at making this a film region.

There are additional film projects already in the works that have made progress in scouting out appropriate locations for upcoming work this year.

Undoubtedly for both Puerto Peñasco and the region, projecting the beautiful landscapes and natural richness of the area through film positions it on a national and international scope, stirring interest in getting to learn more about this spot situated between the desert and the Sea of Cortez.

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