Puerto Penasco expects a high tourist flow for the Spring Break and Easter period and the city is gearing up for the crowds. In various meetings, the Red Cross has coordinated in order to be ready to treat victims of accidents and injuries.

The Relief Coordinator of the Red Cross reported that during the beginning of the high season, the city is still subject to the Covid-19 protocols. Emergencies due to accidents or other traumas will have to be addressed without continuing to care for those who need treatment for Covid-19, which fortunately continue to decline.

 He stated that Red Cross calls related to Coronavirus have dropped by more than 90%, giving more time to respond to more calls that arise due to other circumstances which commonly involve tourists. He stressed that 100% of the relief corps, with 51 members, is already available for the scenarios and they have five ambulances ready at this time.

During the month of March and through mid-April there will undoubtedly be a heavy influx of springbreakers and vacationers for Semana Santa (Holy Week), so plans have been made to provide the best possible service. The Red Cross Relief Coordinator explained that the institution has all its staff ready and that at this time it has five ambulances prepared to respond to calls that arise, one of which is specifically outfitted for suspected cases of Covid-19.

Héctor Vásquez del Mercado, he president of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) expressed confidence that there will be a high influx of tourists and noted that spring break from the USA continues to make Rocky Point a very popular market, as demonstrated by the fact that reservations on Sandy Beach are already in excess of 55% occupancy.

The president of the OCV stated that, according to the reservations and the behavior of the US market, it is expected that in 2022 it will very likely exceed the volume of Spring Break from 2018, which had over 140,000 visitors arrive in town. That was calculated to have provided an economic impact of approximately 135 million pesos.

Vásquez del Mercado stated that it is essential to continue to respect the protocols and preventive measures so that visitors find Puerto Peñasco to be a safe destination in all aspects including health due to the Coronavirus.