TikiBarIt’s high tide, and the waves lap close to the deck where you are seated. More like swinging, actually. A row of individual hammock/chairs spin in the soft breeze, and you spin right along with them. If only someone would hand you a Piña Colada. As if by magic, a hand stretches out in front of you, holding a long cool glass topped with a cherry. Beads of moisture cover the glass, letting you know it is cold, cold, cold. Beach vibe perfection.

The Tiki Bar at the Sonoran Sky Resort sits right on the sand, bunge chairs and hammocks shaded from the afternoon sun. People staying at the resort can choose to slip into the pool above the bar when they want to cool off. Heck, they will even keep serving you! Open to the public, people often walk down from other places where they are staying.

One of the few spots to have a drink right on the beach (why is that?), the Tiki Bar is a casual little place that you just might like. Reserve your stay at the Sky with Seaside Reservations.