Richard-Scott-2Olympia Watson carries a notebook with ‘All you need is love’ printed on the cover. “This is my philosophy” she tells me. As Event Planner for the Sonoran Sky Resort, her love for creating just the right setting for an anniversary, a wedding, or any get-together is necessary for success. So is being really organized.

“Can you be playing when the guests walk in?” She asks the sax player while posing for a publicity photo. We stand next to the elegant leaded glass doors of the Los Volcanes Salon, inside the Sonoran Sky. “This is an intimate dinner party for Valentines’ Day, just a few tables. But we can have receptions for 200 people here, plus a band.”

The Girl from Ipanema plays as people take their seats. Candlelight and gold table cloths, champagne glasses and waiters in black and white. A pleasant murmur of conversation as a full moon rises outside the tall arched window.

“My work as planner is free for clients using Sonoran Sky Events” says Olympia. “We offer great packages for beach weddings right here at the resort”. Chocolate covered strawberries complete the dinner, and the guests head to the elevators. Olympia leads the way. “Oly” someone asks, “what’s next?” Pressing the ground floor button, she smiles over her shoulder “A surprise.”

The swimming pools glow neon blue in the night as we pass them on our way to the beach. A strong ocean breeze, not there before dinner, tries to push us back into the lobby. This is not the surprise Oly had in mind.

Richard-Scott-1Two helpers struggle to hold the orange paper balloon, as another flicks a lighter over and over, trying to light the candle that will make it fly. “Play something please.” Touching the arm of the sax player as she goes, Olympia casually walks to where the guests gather. Quickly she gets one, and then a second balloon lit. Disaster averted.

A toast! Glasses raised to a wonderful time at a beautiful place. Everyone ‘ooohh’s as the glowing balloons slowly rise. Up above the lights of the Sonoran Sky Resort, the moon waits to meet them. As if it was planned.

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