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Arizona Realty in Ajo is centrally located in the beautiful Historical Ajo Plaza.

Arizona Realty in Ajo has over 50 years of Real Estate experience.
They have built a reputation of being the most personable and friendliest real estate office in Ajo.


Historical Ajo Plaza

“If you’ve found Ajo, you are on the edge of something extraordinary. This is a desert oasis surrounded by an immensity of solitude. There are literally 10,000s of square miles of stunning, utterly beautiful country here. This is a town for the self-entertaining. If you need malls, movies, and masses, you likely won’t be happy here. Yet the community always has something going on: festival s, parties, high school sports, golf, art shows, etc. Those of us who chose to live here enjoy 5 seasons, year around gardening, and the fact that within a few minutes we can be miles from any other human being. Yes, it gets hot here, but I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to pass it on: it’s not really that hot.

As a carpenter and builder who specialized in historic restoration, I have worked with literally scores of agents and brokers. Real estate agents aren’t one of my favorite groups of people. Arizona Realty in Ajo stands in contrast. They are among the best three or four I’ve ever dealt with. Professional, honest, knowledgeable with a great sense of humor.” Robert Sorrels and Marie NaVeaux

Marie NaVeaux in front of home purchased in Ajo

“We first came to Ajo 9 years ago and purchased our first property using the predecessor company to Arizona Realty in Ajo. Since that time we have purchased two other properties and sold one through Arizona Realty in Ajo. They also have handled the management of another property for four years. We currently have two properties for sale and listed with Arizona Realty in Ajo. Arizona Realty in Ajo operates in a professional manner, yet it is “a home town” real estate agency. We sure would recommend Arizona Realty in Ajo for all real estate needs!” Dick and Jan Ducic Dick & Jane.



Ducic home in Ajo recently sold
Reasonable priced properties are available in Ajo Arizona, prices ranging from $18,000 – $300,000 with a median sale price of $75,000.
Arizona Realty in Ajo offers property management, rentals and notary services. Check out their website at http://www.realtyinajo.com/, their facebook page and you can always email them at agent@realtyinajo.com or phone them at (520) 387-8787.

The Plaza Businesses sponsors a monthly event, “Under the Arches”. Go to the Ajo Historical Plaza Facebook page or check out the calendar of events at http://www.ajochamber.com/ for more information and events.

Stop by for a Free Ajo map, a bag of popcorn, knowledge of Ajo and a warm and friendly smile.