The worldwide market for medical tourism in 2013 was said to be worth about $2.847 billion, with by most accounts 7 million patients looking for medical treatment outside their own country every year. As per Patients without Borders, a U.S. business that specializes in the field, Mexico is right now the second most popular medical tourism destination, after Thailand.

Across the nation, Mexico has more than 71,000 specialists working in medical centers and private facilities. Nearly two-thirds of all doctors in Mexico are specialists, contrasted with a normal of 57.7% for all OECD countries.

Mexico’s Economy Secretariat says that medical tourism in 2013 contributed $4.2 billion to the national economy. This figure is growing at a rate of 7% a year and includes spas, massages and holistic approaches.

Patients without Borders say that patients from the USA and Canada pay somewhere between 36% and 80% less for operations and treatments in Mexico than the expense in their nation of origin.

Hospital CIMA Hermosillo

(I recently returned from a full checkup there and I highly recommend it)

What began as a dream of entrepreneurs and doctors in Mexico, culminated in a modern state-of-the-art hospital in 1996, Hospital CIMA Hermosillo. Built with support from the International Hospital Corporation (a US corporation that owns eight multi-speciality hospitals in Mexico, Costa Rica & Brazil) as well as the Nacional Financiera (Mexican development bank), Hospital CIMA Hermosillo has earned a strong reputation over the years, as a ultra-modern center of medicine.

In 2001, their quality care and highly qualified staff went on to earn the hospital accreditation from the Public Health Department, making it the first private hospital to do so in that region of the country. With several modernizing initiatives such as installation of a Cat Lab unit, an MRI and much more, Hospital CIMA Hermosillo is more than capable of handling any patient’s needs, with over 50 different medical specialties.

The proud recipient of the JCI, Joint Commission International, accreditation, Hospital CIMA Hermosillo once again set a precedent by being among the first few hospitals to earn this merit. Catering to not just local patients, the hospital is becoming a popular choice among medical tourists from many countries, mainly USA. Patients also benefit immensely from the affordable prices, as compared to the US and UK. Patients can expect a savings of anywhere about 40 to 70 % as compared to US prices.

Some of the major procedures offered by the hospital include Orthopedics, Cardiovascular surgery, OBGYN, General Surgery, Urology, & ENT. Hospital CIMA Hermosillo has 5 ultra-modern surgical suites, and the hospital also provides a full range of ancillary services including audiology, electrocardiogram, endoscopy, respiration therapy, full check-up packages and much more.

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