SeaTurtleAs I came home from a muggy afternoon outside. I sat down and answered a phone call from my niece. As I talked with her, I looked out the window and noticed a group of people gathered around the protective fencing directly below. I rushed down the elevator. “Great” I think, “They are hatching.” I am anticipating seeing them head for the water! As I approach the beach it seems odd to me that I don’t see tracks or little turtles. I only and see children and adults standing inside the fenced area exactly where the eggs should be.

I tap a gentleman on the shoulder. “Sir, what is going on? Are the turtles already gone?” It turns out its “Larry” who owns several properties I manage.

Larry proceeds to tell me that the turtle that laid her eggs here must have confused her location. Unfortunately it was too hot for the eggs to survive and when the Ocean Biologists checked on the eggs, none the embryos had survived.

The little black bag that this child is holding is what is left of what our little city of Puerto Peñasco held our breath for waiting for the Turtles to return to the Sea of Cortez.

Steve Schwab

Seaside Reservations Mexico