As we move further into the New Year, you’ll be seeing some positive changes to Rodeo Drive, but that’s for the months to come. Let’s take a quick look at some of the wonderful things going on right now.

Merchants that make the Drive a special place with their handcrafted wares are skillful artisans as well as shopkeepers. Known for its friendly laid-back tone and interesting merchandise (all made in Mexico probably right in the back of the shop you’re visiting) it’s an experience not to be missed while you’re visiting Rocky Point.

Across the street from Su Casa, you’ll find 2 small vendors side by side – Cactus (yes, Cactus is her name as well as that of her shop) and Suzanne. Their shops are open every day of the week, Suzanne making intricate fiber friendship bracelets and Cactus making a variety of fiber wall hangings that she can customize for you in color or design. Along with her “string art” you’ll find a variety of interesting, handcrafted items she has created.

Just down from these shops is Rico’s Shop. He does custom leather work of all kinds. You’ll see everything from small coin purses to leather chairs. I once saw him making a custom seat for a Harley. If you’ve dined at Mariachi’s and Tequila (also on the Drive serving wonderful food) the leather work on the chairs was all done by Rico. If you peek in the back of his shop, you will probably catch him working…

Just east of Su Casa is Polo who makes Churros – that yummy sweet that is like a cross between a piece of cake and a donut – rolled in Mexican sugar and cinnamon then served warm on a stick. He makes them there, fresh for you right in front of his shop. I think it’s appropriate to be snacking on a Churro as you stroll down Rodeo Drive, don’t you??

Also, right there is Armando doing custom T-shirts. If you have something to say you can get it affixed.  Such a variety of things on Rodeo Drive. All this and friendly merchants and great prices. What more could you ask for?

See you on the Drive.