The beachfront community of Santo Tomas is active in the wellbeing of neighboring communities. On September 30 we joined a group of BBQ chefs in an annual international competition that specifically benefits DIF of Caborca. (DIF in most municipalities, is the largest provider of support for the needs of underprivileged children.) The event included cooking 3 proteins, Pork, Beef and a mystery meat that was unveiled at 3:00PM 3 hours before presentation to judges. (This years mystery meat was a combination of Tripe and Dorado fish.) We did not win but enjoyed the beautifully arranged event with a live band many vendors and topped off with the Canelo boxing match on a huge inflatable screen. We will be competing again next year, but now that we learned a few tricks we will do better.

Then on the 14th of October, we participated in the festivities of the annual Caborca en Puerto Lobos Fishing Tournament. This too was to support the DIF charity. The winner came in with a 34.300 kg, (75.6 pounds) Baya or grouper and walked away with $1,000 USD. Congratulations Anthony Wilson. Santo Tomas will be presenting a charity fishing tournament next year as well. Stay tuned for more information. At this time our focus is on shore and using kayaks and other small water crafts. We have about 20 kayaks and wakeboards which will be made available. They are available to rent any time, and in fact , stay in one of our rental homes and you get one free kayak rental during your stay. It is also important to note that fishing from the Santo Tomas beach or from a kayak in the area has proven to be very productive. Our anglers catch a lot of Pompano and Corvina and bass right from the shore.

You can help a lot when you get involved in the various events that are sponsored by DIF in any community. You can also help us uplift the wellbeing of our local Ejidos that are just out of the reach of the average generous Puerto Peñasco “Givers”. It is important to occasionally reflect on our blessings, but also those who could not comprehend the lifestyles that most of us enjoy and even take for granted. Many haul water to flush toilets, some don’t even have toilets, about 40 percent of the residents in the average communities surrounding Rocky Point and all over Sonora known as Ejidos have dirt floors, many only dream of a/c and yet experience Summers as hot as Phoenix. My first serious revelation of my immense blessings as it applies to being born north of a line on a map, was when I took a Peñasco day laborer home to pick up a wheelbarrow. This proud 18-year-old kid took me to his land, and his home, where his young wife walked out carrying their baby from behind the shelter of literally 4 garage doors wired together and roofed by a tarp. Needless to say, his day rate immediately increased 10-fold.

The closest Ejido to Santo Tomas is Álvaro Obregón, with approximately 600 residents. Most of these families are supported by their work in the local agriculture sector and fishing. Santo Tomas directly or indirectly employs about 50 of these residents in security, housekeeping and construction. We look forward to employing more as growth allows. Santo Tomas financed and organized the construction and staffing of a medical clinic in this Ejido. This small 900 sq’ medical clinic in Ejido Álvaro Obregón is the only clinic in a vast area and provides services to thousands of residents from 6 surrounding Ejidos and the many field workers that provide us with the citrus, grapes, asparagus and other consumables we take for granted. A traveling Dr. visits this clinic and provides services one day of every week and a medical student fills in another day. We have also worked with different groups to facilitate a visiting eye Dr and other specialists.

Clinics like these rely heavily on donations from caring individuals and groups to cover the lion’s share of their needs for years, but their needs are huge and growing. You have an opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of many. The clinic and the community needs the stuff you have in a closet or gathering dust somewhere. Specifically, the clinic needs blood pressure machines, varying sized crutches, wraps, sealed sterile products, orthotic boots and braces. They need the paramedic utensils and tools.

Currently we are stressing the need for donations for the The Profa. Paulina Reyna Health Center at Ejido Álvaro Obregón but as always, their needs include anything we can make life a little better for so many people in need,

Always needed: Clothing, bedding, toys, sporting goods, school supplies, housewares, paint, and other construction materials and pretty much anything you can think of.

We would like to welcome any deliveries to the Santo Tomas Beach or items can be dropped off at the SHELL Gas station and convenience store in Ajo, The Rocky Point Times has also graciously allowed us to use their office as a drop location, but please specify if it’s for Santo Tomas neighbors if this is your intention.