A big, huge “Thank You” to Capt’n Manuel’s Restaurant for sponsoring our Scouts Banquet. We celebrated in March just as the orders to stop all group activities were being announced. This event has been our last event since, and we are anxious to see our kids and start meeting again.

The Scouts were so excited to have a surprise dinner. The Leaders had informed the kids the previous Thursday to please arrive at the Center at 4:00 pm. The kids had no idea what was planned, other than if they wanted to dress up they could, and they were not required to wear their usual Scout meeting attire.

The kids were brought over by our leaders and volunteers. Upon arrival they were served juice that was provided by the restaurant. The friendly and amazing staff at Capt’n Manuel’s were so helpful in keeping us full and happy. We had a rewards ceremony where each of the kids received their badges; some were new and other kids have been with us since our start. The badges were placed in picture frames so the Scouts could the badges they have earned so far.

As we were finishing our ceremonies, and preparing to leave, we noticed the staff ushering a small cake through the door to the other table of guests. One of the Scouts asked the waiter if it was someone’s birthday and he said it was. The kids quickly gathered in front of the guests and sang “Happy Birthday” in English and Spanish. It was fun to surprise someone with innocent fun: the guest whose birthday it was laughed and clapped.

Thank you again for a fantastic night with our Scouts Capt’n Manuel’s and your staff.