At this point, approximately 95% of businesses economic activities in town have been reactivated and tourism is coming back. There is still some ways to go to reach the numbers from before the beginning of covid-19, but tourism alone has brought over 86 million pesos into the local economy.

Mayor Kiko Munro said that Puerto Peñasco is advancing in a successful economic recovery since, to date, there has been great progress in the economic reactivation process, showing that there can be a balance between maintaining health protocols increasing economy gains.

In an interview for Mexico magazine, the Mayor explained that since the gradual reopening of this tourist destination to visitors began on June 16, and through August 16, there has been a tourist influx of 82,151 people, resulting in an economic gain 86,258,000 pesos, resulting in jobs and income for families.

Condo and Hotel rental accomodations along with tourism service providers have responsibly contributed to making this happen “Since we reactivated the economy and opened our beaches, more than 15,000 people have returned to their jobs, which as we have already said, represents income for the families of the city and paves the way for more people to regain their jobs “, explained the Mayor.

Kiko Munro stressed that the suffering of people was avoided as much as possible, by controlling the contagion of Covid-19 and reactivating the economy in the shortest possible time, because the first thing was to save lives, but just as important was that workers will bring sustenance to their home.

“Everything is based on making strong decisions, as they were made in Peñasco at the beginning of the health emergency, such as closing the city for several months, in consensus with society and carrying out only essential activities,” he explained.

Mayor Kiko Munro added that, from August 1st to August 16, during the reopening of the beaches and sea, more than 40,000 people have enjoyed the certified beaches of Sandy Beach and adjacent Playa Hermosa, Playa Mannys Beach with international Blue Flag certification, as well as others such as La Cholla, Mi Playa, Ostioneras, and others.

Data from the OCV, Rocky Point’s Office of Conventions and Visitors, supplied data showing that from August 1 through last weekend, there had been a tourist influx of 49,232, which have left an economic impact of 51, 693,600 pesos. They further reported that these numbers are based on reduced levels of occupancy for accommodations locations which are currently authorized at 80% of their capacity in tourist developments, condominiums, villas and the like, while hotels and motels can operate at 60% and rental houses at 100%.

“We are going from strength to strength, today we see all indications that we are going to achieve a successful economic recovery, which little by little will be comparable to what we had in previous years, but, with gradual and safe steps, as has been achieved during the last five months “, stated the Mayor of Peñasco.