Always a big question when planning a trip by car to Rocky Point…what to eat? Do you want to eat out in the many excellent restaurants? Or do you prefer to save money and/or calories (lol) and prepare your own meals? In the past, I’ve always enjoyed eating out and not cooking, mainly because, let’s face it, when you cook, you have to clean, and on vacation, bleh! However, life with a two-year-old has changed my perspective. Eating out just isn’t an option for the sake of everyone’s sanity…so with a few exceptions for our very favorite places, we mostly cook in now.

If you’ve decided to cook your own meals, you can either grocery shop before your trip and bring food, or shop when you get to town. We’ve done both depending on our mood – do we really want to pack everything in the car and then mess with unloading when we get here; or do we want to waste precious beach time grocery shopping. However, grocery shopping in Mexico can be a fun and adventurous part of your vacation, especially with kids, because there’s so much new to see and try.

For buying in bulk, for bigger groups, or longer stays, there is of course, Sam’s Club, right on the main road into town. Your US membership works and they take debit cards at the checkout. Tip: you may want to have a Spanish dictionary handy and a way to convert metric system to the US Customary measurements. We had a fun time converting lbs to kg when buying diapers!

Super Ley is a large grocery store chain and has an excellent variety of everything you might need in one place. Super Ley is on Constitution Ave. They have an extensive beer, wine, and liquor selection. There is a great variety of fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, milk, eggs, yogurt, and all kinds of snacks. We love Mexican snacks! I love Queso Ruffles and my kids (and Kyle) are crazy for Pineapple Choco Rolls. They have tons of baby food, formula, and diapers, if you’re traveling with a little one. It also has a takeout deli and bakery – muy delicioso! Also, the way products are displayed in the store is very colorful and almost artistic.

If you prefer to shop locally instead of at chain stores, we recommend trying a local fruit and vegetable market. Ask for directions to the Fruteria Sinaloa. You can find the most incredible fresh produce at crazy good prices. And of course there is the fish market for shrimp and seafood, and small tortillerias around town.

Just keep in mind when you’re shopping for fresh food, unfortunately you cannot bring it back with you to the U.S. So plan accordingly, or find a family to donate your leftovers to on your way out of town. You can also give your leftover fresh foods to the kids at the border.