An argument can be made that the Sunsets in Rocky Point in the Winter are simply the Best! One thing for sure is; the sun always sets towards the West over the Baja Peninsula. But…in the winter the sun sets at 240 degrees in the West, where as in the Summer the sun sets at 300 degrees in the West. What does that mean you ask?

What it means is; When you are in Las Conchas or on Sandy Beach at sunset you will actually see the sun set in the sea in the Winter. Whale Hill or Competition Hill will not be obstructing your view as they do in the Spring, Summer and Fall months. This is due to the sun setting down towards the South more. In July, the sun sets towards the North more, 60 degrees more to be exact. This equates to the sun setting approximately 60 miles to the North more of the Baja coastline as viewing it from Rocky Point.

Also, because the sun is setting at a lower path in the Winter, there is more sunlight exposure at the lower levels of the atmosphere at sunset. This means there is more opportunity for the sunlight to project through the lower horizon where the colors from the clouds and dust layers shine more brilliant.

In the Winter I may have an extra 5 minutes to get the best climax of the most brilliant sunset photo. Whereas in the Summer I may have only 30 seconds to 1 minute to snap the best sunset photo.

Never pass on an opportunity to take in all of what Rocky Point has to offer. There are photo ops at every corner you turn along this fantastic coastline and at every time of the year. One thing that is consistent here; Along the beaches of this little fishing village lies a chance to capture something amazing in your lens everywhere you go that you will treasure forever.

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