The tides have long ago washed away my footprints on Sandy Beach. There were also four paw prints from a dog that was always with me on this adventure.

In writing for the Rocky Point Times, my byline was Lonesome Lui. That was a long time ago. However, the Times have recently reprinted some of my old pieces, and it has been fun to see them in print once again. I have a file full of life stories that I wrote while my dog and I walked the beaches. The stories that were published will only last as long as people that read that copy of the Rocky Point Times. Maybe they were on the beach or drinking Margaritas as they read them.

The Tiffany lights on Lilly’s deck will not light my table again. Oh God, I was in love in those days.  It was not just a woman, but it was my whole life living by the sea. My condo was a corner unit on the fourth floor with a fabulous view.

You can read about the sunset over Baja’s shoreline but it’s not like never wanting to miss seeing one.

A vendor named Angel saved me a parking place in front Lily’s. (I was an important member of the press). He displayed his jewelry on a large board that he carried in the truck of his car.  No really creative person could equal the way he set up his displays. Like so many in Mexico, he was going to make his own money without working for someone. I watched him standing there with his friendly smile. Unfortunately, he got more lookers than buyers but he was always cheerful.

You ask, so why are you leaving or selling or what? The truth is my wife got very sick a number of years ago and she wanted to go home to Nevada. After she died, I sold the place. My buyer, after making seven years of monthly loan payments, could not afford to keep the place, so I got it back.  I knew there had been many changes. Lily’s was closed plus a lot my favorite places. Friends were gone or died. I had a new wife that thought I would not find what I left behind in Mexico.  “Times change,” she tried to tell me. Okay, so I put it on the market and it sold.  I really can’t say I was happy to sell.

I just got a post from Ely that included my last electrical bill. Don’t you hate the word last? Two people I am very grateful to:  My property manager, Ely, at Mar De Cortez Rentals, and my real estate gal, Jonni, at Coldwell Banker. Ely did a great job managing my condo and getting lots of rentals. There were a lot of things that had to be fixed or repaired. He got me got some fabulous local prices. Jonni tried her best to tell me I was asking too much money. She knows her market, and it was hard for me to take her advice.  I’m not good at taking advice.

I’m eight-two years old and I don’t take change very well.   All I can do is live with the memories that never die. (Not washed away like those foot prints and paw prints).

I’m not saying goodbye. How about just and adios via con Dios?

Thanks to my loyal friends, Sandy, Lannette, and Tom

Lonesome Lui and his dog Fleabag.

Maybe the Rocky Point artist can put a few paw prints to end this.