Tiburones Sharks on Wheels Local Wheelchair Basketball Team Gets New Wheels!

Congratulations Sharks on Wheels! Our local disabled basketball team is now traveling in style in their new van. “Traveling all over Mexico to compete in tournaments has been a huge challenge”, says team spokesperson and founder Francisco Bercovich. Through the efforts and generosity of many friends, the Tiburones now have their own van that seats up to 16 players. The Tiburones can now travel throughout Mexico representing Puerto Peñasco in basketball tournaments.

Francisco Bercovich has been working for years with sponsors, along with many friends of the Tiburones, such as Indalecio Penuelas from The Larry D. Large Foundation, Charlie Muratore, Partner of Tequila Peñasco, Rick & Krissy Nichols and Larry & Jackie Ilg of Margarita Mermaids Seaside Restaurant & Patio, Jorge Valdes of Garufa’s Steakhouse, Raul Castro of Chango’s, and Eliseo Alvarez of Magueyales.

Bercovich shared his thanks, “On behalf of our team, I want to thank everyone for all the support and time to help our players and our families. I especially want to thank Mr. Larry for helping us reach our goals to get a safe vehicle to go to tournaments and cover the travel costs. Other good friends like Mark and Barb Olszewski, Memo and Willie Zepeda of Coffee Point and so many others. We also want to thank the local people who have always been there for us! MUCHAS GRACIAS.”

Bercovich also said, “Our new goal is to get a small, enclosed trailer to put our wheelchairs and equipment in to go to the tournaments. Estimated $2,000 USD. We appreciate any help you can give. For donations contact us through our Facebook Page: Tiburones SOBRE Ruedas or call me, Francisco at 638-112-9964.”

Local businesses and many friends of Peñasco have supported the Sharks on Wheels. If it wasn’t for the unwavering kindness and support from Larry Large, Managing Partner of Tequila Peñasco and DIVA Tequila, the team would not have had the equipment, wheelchairs, uniforms, gasoline and traveling costs to attend the tournaments.

Congratulations Tiburones Sharks on Wheels! You make our town proud!