I introduced two of my grandkids to fly fishing this summer. Our target fish were Blue Gill. That is a great starter fish. They are ready to eat a fly splashed on the surface. Many fly fishers started with a 5-6 weight fly rod and a popper. My grandkids caught lots of Blue Gill and are looking forward to their next fly fishing adventure.

If you are looking for a fly fishing adventure in Puerto Peñasco there are many fish, I have caught 35 different species, here in Peñasco. Fishing gear folks have done a good job in promoting entry-level fly fishing gear. I did a quick Google search and found several combo kits that include a fly rod, reel, and a line to get you started. The fish here are stronger and larger so you will need an 8 weight, 9-foot fly rod with a fighting butt. The fighting butt gives you more leverage for fighting the fish. The biggest problem with most kits is that they come with a floating line. You will need to change the floating line to a sinking line in order to catch more fish.

Flies that catch fish: Clouser Minnows, Gotch’a, and crab patterns. I seem to use a size 4 stainless hook most of the time and seasonally adjust sizes larger and smaller. Good fly colors chartreuse, white, black, red, and pink have all been the hot color of the day at some time.

Expect to pay $200-500 for a starter fly combo kit. Fly rods are durable for casting to fish and playing fish, but they don’t do well in ceiling fans, car doors, and being stepped on. I suggest a backup fly rod, as soon as you determine that you actually like this style of fishing.

November is one of the best fishing months in Puerto Peñasco. Hope to see you on the water soon. Vince Deadmond The Retired, fly fishing hardware guy can be reached at vincehasgonefishing@outlook.com and at 480 818 1796.